Thursday, July 16, 2009

Le Cinq

the dining room sometime after midnight when most people had left

I have a few more posts on our Europe trip before I return to musing about outfits, J Crew orders, and Target finds... and dinner at Le Cinq definitely deserves a mention!

Le Cinq is the restaurant in the George V hotel and our dinner there was opulent, extravagant, perfect - and lasted 4 and a half hours. I can't recall exactly how many courses we had - I believe the chef sent out little extra tastes about three times in between what we ordered - which themselves were insanely fabulous and complex. We started with a glass of champagne and followed the sommelier's recommendations on a bottle of red and a dessert wine so everything just blended together fabulously. I seriously don't have the culinary expertise to describe this meal so I will just share some snaps I took (as discreetly as I could). I did notice a couple other snaps being taken elsewhere in the room, so I wasn't the only one!

Now, these pics don't include everything, but they give a good idea! (Oh, and when you go there, your handbag gets its own little stool pulled out for it!)

one of the little tastes sent out from the chef

2009 tomato appetizer -"fog" is floating out of it around the caviar...

...the other half of my tomato appetizer... a sorbet is on the far right, next to it a tomato wrapped in some sort of thin pastry

to just say "chicken and potatoes" doesn't do this justice... two waiters brought it out in the pan and cut and plated it at the table

my dessert - a souffle with red bell pepper

Hubby's dessert - he got the Le Cinq fraisier

Hubs shared his macaron

after dessert sweets chosen from the sweets cart... Hubby had some fabulous cheeses from the cheese cart

the perfect espresso to end the meal

Still to come: dinner at the Eiffel Tower, sidewalk scenes, and a little shoe shopping!



  1. Everything looks delicious! I also love you in the crocodile jacket, I so wish I had purchased one before they sold out.

  2. You looked so stylish in your outfit and great shoes! What a wonderful and extravagent dinner!

  3. LOVE the outfit, and those shoes are fabulous! The dinner looks magnificent. Yum. Did you bring someone with you to watch the kiddos or did they have a sitting service at the hotel? So nice to be able to bring them along but get away for some adult time. :)

  4. thank you all!
    Kristin - yes, we brought a sweet 2nd cousin from Denmark along with us to help with the kids. They absolutely love her and they stayed in an adjoining room and ordered room service, had pillow fights, and drawing contests. She is very chic & fun and it just made the trip that much more special - especially for my girls! And Hubby and I got TWO date nights which is about a year's worth normally! :)

  5. I've never been to Le Cinq and now I wish I had! Everything looks delicious and what a great room! Great outfit too, perfect for a date without the kids in one of the best restaurants in Paris, Can't wait for the post on the Jules Verne...

  6. You look so chic, in Paris, with your outfits. The dinner looks yummy, to say the least. Thank you for the pictures, they look so wonderful and i love living through your blog:) Keep the outfit postings coming!!

  7. Fun! I haven't been able to keep up with everyones blogs lately. Shopping in Paris sounds so dreamy. Your pics almost make me feel like I was there. :) So glad you guys had a great time.

  8. Oh and I love the new title picture. Cute!

  9. You look so chic! Perfect for Paris! I am just loving all of your pics--thanks for posting them. :)