Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Jules Verne

the view

We had dinner at Le Jules Verne (at the Eiffel Tower) our second night in Paris but made the reservations two or three months ahead of time from the US.  Apparently it takes a while to get in here!  They check your name at the private elevator and up you go... the decor is very modern and sleek and it feels a little like you are dining on a ship (or spaceship).  The view is spectacular and the food very chic.

It is difficult for me to describe the courses but, luckily, we went with the fixed dinner menu (I did change one of my desserts), and took pictures - and the same menu is currently listed online.  So, I can share the meal here with you all!   (We also just went with the sommelier's wine recommendation.)  Here we go:

a little extra treat from the chef

roasted imperial prawns, tangy baby vegetables and vinaigrette

small violet artichokes, "barigoule" juice

pan-seared turbot, crayfish and mushrooms "a la Riche"

pan-seared veal, potatoes Anna

tower bolt, dark chocolate praline, hazelnut ice cream (Hubby's) on the right toward the back

caramel and whiskey cream dome, with coffee ice cream (not pictured - off to the side) (mine)

wild strawberries, lemon thyme 'palet', fresh cream cheese/red berries sorbet

extra treats (the marshmallows in the white bowl were de-lish!)

looking out to the Trocadero - when the lights on the Eiffel Tower started flashing (10 min every hour at dark), we watched tons of camera flashes pointed at us (well, at the Tower) going off over there!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... Happy Monday!



  1. Wow. The views that you posted are just awesome. Totally cool, no words to describe. The food, esp. the desserts(!) are --------so decadent!! Thank you for sharing, more of your Paris experience!!

  2. How nice! Thanks for bringing Paris to us :-)

  3. Oh how wonderful! I'm so glad you took pictures -- looks like there were many foams, which is such an interesting trend. I just love reading about (and seeing) your trip!

  4. Now I'm hungry at 4 in the morning :0)---