Friday, July 17, 2009

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

OK, usually I am one of the people in the crowd drinking Starbucks and waiting for Nordstrom to open their shiny polished doors at 7 am on this day every year.  But today, just coming off of the Paris shopping, I'm not feeling the need to treat myself to some fabbie new things nor, really, the excitement to zip down to the store and join the crowd (it must be the jet lag).  Plus, I feel like my summer is just starting and I'm not ready to shop for boots and coats.  This hasn't stopped me, however (of course), from feeling slightly left out and spending a good half hour on the Nordies website this morning perusing.  

The offerings are overwhelming!  I've picked out a few favorites but would love to hear if anyone else has found anything fabulous online - or if you've gone to the sale, what you got!!

A few things I like:

kate spade 'stevie' glazed croc shopper in blue: regularly $425., sale $279.90
Nordstrom's bag, Nordstrom's pic

Sam Edelman 'Irina' Flat in Grey Snake: regularly $129.95, sale $86.90
Nordstrom's shoe, Nordstrom's pic

Diane von Furstenburg 'Julian' dress in Serpent Berry: regularly $325., sale $199.90
Nordstrom's dress, Nordstrom's pic

And of course I love the Tory Burch Romy... but the only sale colors are the khaki/gold and black and I did just recently score my lovely gold TB Reva espadrilles and already have some black Revas... plus I love the Latte/Arabian Pink color combo more (I posted on them awhile back here), and it is sadly not marked down yet... I'll be watching!

Happy Friday!



  1. love your blog, this is my first time posting.
    i liked your nordstrom picks, especially the tory burch romy(it is my daughters name!)

  2. I think it is probably good that I live too far away from nordy's sale- I would go nuts! I would go for that navy purse- it is really a versitile color and more unexpected than black. (But then again you have your LV and that really goes with everything!)

  3. I did a post on the sale too! I am about to run over to the Nordstom but I am sure that everything good will be picked over.

  4. Jemma Ruby - I agree on the color! I need to see in person - may have to drop by tomorrow!
    Emily - I just saw your post! Hope you find something good. It runs for a while so I bet they'll do replens... and they are also so good at doing searches on items! Good luck!

  5. oh that bag is super cute! love the shoes too! im definitely goin to nordstrom tomorrow!

  6. Love those shoes-- and thankfully the TB are sold out in my size! I spent sometime looking online too, but nothing I had to have! That's a good thing, I'm trying to save for fall shopping.

  7. I love that Kate Spade bag!

  8. I have paged through the catalog multiple times but there's nothing that I want to spend the money on right now. I do love that KS bag!!

  9. I found a few things at the presale. I was too scared to brave the Friday rush but I heard this year it wasn't as crazy as years past. :) It is hard to buy Fall stuff now. It's kind of a downer to get it and not be able to wear it for months...