Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little New Lilly to Love {Mini Edition}

A stuffed little box from Saks on my front porch this afternoon!  Some new cute Lilly for my girls:

Angie Harmon Jubilee Minnie close-up

Buzz Buzz

such cute little mini McKims! (My 7 yr old said "Oh!  I am SO keeping that box!")

Happy Weekend!



  1. Ok, that is absolutely adorable. I need a little girl. The hubs probably wouldn't like it if I put hot pink and green on the dude. ah ha

  2. So darling! I'd wear all of it :)

  3. adorable items from lily:) esp. the shoes.......can't wait to see your shopping purchases from today!!

  4. LOVE your purchases! My 8 yr old is now officially grown out of kids McKims. That means I have to buy her ladies size 5 or 6....for double the price. Ugh. I hope your 7 year old gets a lot of wear out of hers before her feet grow! lol!

  5. thanks all :)
    Stylestance - me too!
    Petunia - oh no! Both these pairs are size 13 and they JUST fit both my girls. My 7 yr old is extremely picky on shoes (she took 1 pair of Borns to Europe because that is all she'll wear) and she loves these. So it looks like the McKims are going to be summer staples for us. Now I need a pair!