Saturday, June 13, 2009

OOD 6.13.09: New Jeannas + Old Stuff

I just had to wear my new Jessica Simpson Jeannas today... I will no longer be just walking by JS shoes.  The thin strappy black patent, the gold hardware, the lightly padded footbed... love it.

Everything else I've had for quite a while... I just threw something together quickly for a day of shopping, haircut (yay, don't have to do my hair this morning), groceries, kindergarten birthday party, and hopefully taking care of some things around the house.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

J Crew leopard camisole (can't remember the name), J Crew outlet Jackie, Target necklace, ON jeans, JS "Jeanna" sandal in black


  1. Cute outfit. Your Target necklace looks great! I miss salon hair days. I cut my own now.

  2. That outfit is great! I love the look of the sandals with the jeans. Great JS shoes!!!

  3. That leopard cami is so pretty...and I love it with the blue...

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I REALLY like the shoes on you! They are beautiful!! I want some too.
    Have a good week girly.


  5. Gigi - I wish I were so talented!
    Pam - thank you - I am loving these shoes! Now I keep searching JS on endless for something similar!
    Dina - Thank you! It's actually purple but you just gave me another idea! Thanks!! :)
    Beth - thanks and you too!

  6. I love the way all those dark colors come together and still look super summery! Love the necklace, is it really from Target?

  7. thanks Zoe - yes it's from Target but several months back :)

  8. Love the new shoes!

  9. Great outfit, hope you enjoyed your hair cut!!