Thursday, June 25, 2009

elsapel of portland

Here's my new bag from elsapel... I had never heard of this brand but they have the cutest things!

After a quick trip to the website on the tag on my bag I uncovered some really cute styles in adorable fabrics.  What I couldn't find was any "where to purchase" info.  I bought mine at Macy's... it was priced at $55. and marked down to $41.25.  Great deal as it is exactly what I was looking for... a sturdy, easy-clean, carry-on tote with a secure zip top, in a large size that just about maxes out the airline's dimension limits.  

Somehow in all my totes and bags I didn't have exactly the right thing this time.  When I checked out, it rang up $27.50 - they are running lots of additional percentage off promos - and just in time I remembered an old giftcard from Christmas in my wallet so this baby ended up costing me $5.11 out of pocket!

I learned from the site that this is the Mr. Owl Weekender from the Woodlands collection, Fall 2008.  This was the last one, but they also had a couple of the Glow Weekenders.  I also love the Sparrow Me collection and the Diggity Dog print.  They have four great collections for Spring, too, which may be easier to find.


  1. Oh you will LOVE Paris!! I want to go back already and I just got home from there! It was really hot when we were there, just a warning. Do you like in Portland? I am from Portland!!

  2. Such a cute bag! I like their spring prints too.

  3. Very cute bags! What a good deal.

  4. any chance you are tired of this bag and want to sell it? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi! I still use this bag a lot. I hope you can find one... it appears their website is no longer working. I purchased at Macy's in WA State. I did find this site: - maybe they could give you some info - and elsapel's address is still listed as 24th Ave in Portland on different business sites online. If they are no longer in business, my only thought would be to keep checking ebay and resale sites.

  5. I thought it was too cute of a bag not to keep using. I'm a Rice Owl and am always on the lookout for cute owl gear. Don't know how I missed this one. Thanks for the tip!