Saturday, June 20, 2009

J Crew July Catalog Picks

Here's my list... what's on yours?

After seeing the libretto and symphony necklaces on Petunia's blog I'm just dying to try them on!  I've already purchased the dress in khaki and tank in slate (wearing today, actually!)  and just love the cocodrillo print!  Ema blogged on the skirt recently and then I saw the cardigan online... who couldn't use another cardi?


  1. The symphony necklace is to die for but I have a similar one (the crystals are round though, not rectangular, and this makes all the difference, right?) and I don't know if I'm ready to spend $98 on it.
    There are two other necklaces that I'm coveting, one is the dangling gold-disc and the other one is not on the website but has small pearls coming out of on a gold chain (it's very long as well). I tried them together and they look fantastic.

    I received the catalog yesterday and LOOOOVE it...

  2. Yes, I know the pricing... especially if you want to layer two. I had my eye open for anything similar yesterday though at less expensive places and didn't see anything like them. I will have to look for the other necklaces you mentioned too!

  3. i bought the podna band tee, the bow bracelet and symphony necklace. i want the libretto necklace and i think that's about it. I am holding out for fall with Jcrew. For now,I am finding so many cute cheap dresses from other retailers/stores and since dresses make up 99 percent of my summer wardrobe...good for my wallet,but bad for Jcrew .

  4. Loving both necklaces but want to try on IRL since some necklaces give me issues with my neck/shoulders. And I keep meaning to try on the ruffle tank - I was at JC last night here on vaca, but E was with me - so a bit distracted and it did not happen.

  5. Patina - yes I know... I'm finding great dresses at great prices other places too...
    Heidi - I know - it's hard for me to think with my helpers around too! hope you're enjoying the vacay :)

  6. Surely someone will knock off either or both of these. We'll see. I love both of your pics.