Friday, June 26, 2009

Mossimo One Shoulder Tank in Gray

Gigi alerted me to this one... I think I would have passed right by this rounder had I not seen her IRL pic.

Love, love, love:  the Target Mossimo One Shoulder Tank in "gray" - sort of a mushroom-y gray, as Gigi called it.  I cannot believe this is priced at $14.99.  It is definitely one of those pieces that looks much more expensive.  The ruffle detail is right on, and the ruching is perfect.  I may have to go back for this in lavender too.  I haven't found this online but there was a full rounder at my store of gray, lavender, and black.  This is a Small, which is what I usually wear in their tops.

The tag says 016053308  TANK/GRAY/240951 and it is 100% rayon.

I don't know where I am going to wear this yet but Hubby gave me an enthusiastic "You can wear it anywhere!" today.


  1. Love it! If I didn't know better I would swear it's JC!
    Tell hubby to take you someplace pretty so you can wear it-- tonight!

  2. I wish! Dinner tonight includes three kiddos (our usual Friday night outing) which means we need a place with crayons. But I did throw it in my suitcase for our trip!! :)

  3. Stop the press!
    I am headed to Target this afternoon.
    Love this! So summery and sophisticated and great price.

    So nice to meet you here in blog land!