Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Take on the Ruffle Tank {+ the Garden Dress and Ann Taylor}

Yes!  I got it too.  I first saw this sweet ruffled tank (I'm obviously not ruffled out yet, how about you?) on Ema's blog and knew it was a must-have.  Since then I also read Gigi's review and knew to be careful on the sizing.  I tried on the XS first (I usually wear S or 4 tops) and the fit was fine but I tried on the S and just felt more comfortable in it, so went with that.  It seems to fit me similarly to the rolling ruffles.  Interestingly, it is priced at $44 in the July catalog, while tagged $35 in-store and on the site.  The same thing happened with the rattan clutch - I wonder if they decide last minute to lower some prices.

J Crew Slub Cotton Shirred Ruffles Tank in Slate - $35.

I also purchased the Garden Dress in a Khaki color not shown on the website.  I just love this!  Please pardon the wrinkledy ruffledness in the IRL.  I just threw it on over my jeans to get a quick snap.  I immediately envisioned this with a black cardi and black sandals and love it that way... I think lavender and blues may work well too.

J Crew Garden Dress in a Khaki/Stone color - $68.

My third apparel purchase for yesterday was at Ann Taylor... I haven't been to the regular Ann Taylor for ages but I was looking for a simple silk shell to wear under my J Crew Crocodile Jacket (never found one) and was enticed by the sale rack of dresses.  I found this one (the Pintucked Wrap Shirtdress) at a huge markdown and thought it was very fun.  I don't own a single shirtdress, and something about the collar, wrap front, roll-up sleeves and full swingy skirt really appealed to me.  It also has pockets.  Fun for under $30!  Again, in the IRL just thrown on over my jeans for a pic:

Ann Taylor Pintucked Wrap Shirtdress in Black - regularly $139., on sale for $29.88

if you un-roll the sleeves, they are 3/4 length

During my shopping trip I also picked up the J Crew July catalog (hooray!) and tried on Nordstrom's exclusive Dior scent Escale a Portofino.  It's citrus & cyprus and I love it!  Reminds me a little of Aqua di Parma which I wore years ago.  I think  I may like it better than Prada's new citrus scent... it seems lighter and a little fresher to me... so if you like fresh, citrusy perfumes - try this one out next time you're at Nordies!

Happy Friday!


  1. Let me just say that the GARDEN DRESS really rocks! I luveee it!!! And how you envision wearing it sounds awesome! Great purchase!

  2. Commenting again because I just read your "about me" on your profile and thought it was 2Cute!

  3. I really like the ruffle tank in slate. I tried an XS in a beigey color because they were already sold out in XS in slate. It was a little fitted. I noticed online that it comes in XXS, too! That must be really tiny!
    Love the Garden Dress on you!

  4. I bought the same top in the beigey color. I found every color fit differently. I ended up with an XS-- that's a first for me! Great dress!! I will have the try the scent. I love clean citrus perfumes for summer.

  5. I love the garden dress!! I also kind of like the AT dress with the skinny jeans, which makes me a total weirdo, I know, but I wonder what a pair of black leggings would do to the look? Probably either look really chic or totally kindergarten...who knows?

  6. I love the ruffle tank on you. It is very cute. I need to try it on the next time (this afternoon afterwork)I am in J. Crew.

  7. i love the garden dress on you. I tried it on in papaya and blush with a plain white jackie...loved, loved, loved it. I haven't bought it or the ruffle tank (love on you and gigi).....yet (but soon my pretty ones, soon you will be mine:)

  8. Thanks a lot- I had my mind all made up to return my garden dress in this same color and now you went and made it look all fantastic... Gggrrrr!! (JK) I really was planning on returning mine but I think I'll give it another try now! ;) Although, sometimes I just need to remember that I am NOT a size XS or 2/4 and things just don't look as cute on me as they do on others/you! Oh Well!

    You did *sell me* on the strapless dressy jersey dress though and I'm lovin' mine! So thanks for sharing ALL of your great finds! I love seeing your IRL pics! :)

    Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

  9. luvallthingsjcrew: thank you very much! :)
    Petunia: yes, I couldn't find anything else in the catalog XXS!
    Stephanie: I love that other color too... I had a hard time deciding but may end up with more than one of these anyway!
    Emily: thanks! hope you find one you like :)
    Patina: thank you so much! Such a nice dress...
    MMM: LOL I just loved the dress immediately. I won't use it as a coverup! I think it'll be a great piece for lots of things all summer.

  10. love the dress!!!!! must try on and really,really love the tank from jcrew. I MUST have one. Still deciding about which color to get though:) thank you SO much for posting your great finds and doing IRL pics:) You have great style!!!!

  11. I didn't like the garden dress on me, but it's so cute on you. That mushroom is your color.