Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Lobsters in a Sea of Pink {hello, again, LL Bean}

So on Monday, I had a couple hours to myself and instead of running off to the Crew or Anthro or Target, I stayed home and thoroughly cleaned my laundry room and the inside of my car... ahhh... it really is nice to have all the clutter GONE!

Anyway, while cleaning out the car I found many interesting things... (oh, and kids: no more entire boxes of goldfish smuggled into the backseat for the 15 minute drive to ballet class, OK? Thanks.) and one of them was this LL Bean catalog, obviously not brought into the house with the more interesting mail one day. And oh my, have you looked at LL Bean lately?

I don't remember scenes like this in years past... it just makes me want to sit outside amidst fresh flowers and votives, all fabbie in pink and green (I'll be the girl on the left, you choose your outfit!) and toast my girlfriends with icy lemonade (or whatev) on the start of summer!

I cannot get enough of this pattern:

Large Canvas Tote $44
LLBean's Tote, LLBean's picture

Haven Skimmers $64
LLBean's shoes, LLBean's picture

Juniper Skirt $49
LLBean's skirt, LLBean's picture

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Yes it definitely looks like LL Bean has freshened up its image ... very summery and cute! That cover look is so sweet ...

  2. Oh you are so bad! I will have to look closer at the next catalog. We have a store right close by at Tysons, and my kids love to go visit the fish pond. One time we even discovered the catfish laying eggs - we saw it before the store personnel did. It was so cool.

    I am totally digging those shoes! I love to order from Bean because I use my mom's LL Bean Visa - she gets the points and I get free shipping & monogramming. Win-win. (I pay her back, of course!)

  3. I was in Maine last summer, but I didn't make it to the LL Bean store! I had no idea they had such cuteness! Mmmm, now I'm thinking about that fresh Maine lobster, yum.

  4. I had no idea! That is such a cute pattern and I love the shoes with the bows.

  5. Someone mentioned this catalog on JCA a few weeks ago, so I checked it out. I ended up purchasing madras shorts and some other things. I think their website needs restocking, but they have had many likable items this spring.

  6. adorable lobster patterns on everything~esp. the skirt and shoes!!! i am a big fan of L.L. Bean!

  7. whoa! The pink and green lobsters tote is so cute! I'm really surprised, I haven't looked at an LLBean catalog in years...maybe I should!