Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today's crewcuts Visit

So, I recently got a notice in a catalog that a crewcuts store was opening in Seattle, along with a $25 off $100 purchase card... so guess where I was today?!

crewcuts is adorable. The store reminded me somewhat of Janie and Jack although at every turn I saw some scaled down, child-like version of something I would love to wear myself (or own already)!

The headbands alone are a reason to skedaddle on over to this store... big flowers, little flowers, chiffon roses, sparkle... in lovely colors! They are currently having a promotion where if you buy 2 or more hair accessories, they are 30% off, which made the flower clippie $5.95 and the headband $11.55. Not bad. However, this was just about the only deal... prices are high! A couple colors of a polo were on sale in the boys' section, along with plain tees and some seersucker. In the girls section, the hair pretties were the only promo except for some plain tees. Once they start running some promos and marking down, I'll be back.

Here's what I got:

Flower Headband in pink, Fluffy Flower Clip in navy, the Cecelia Skirt in pink and navy ($28. ea.) and the Slub Cotton Habotai Tank in pink and navy ($24 ea.).

just like the rolling ruffles tank in a skirt... I want one!

... and I also picked up the June catalog and can't wait to flip through. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


  1. My daughter has the same pink ruffled skirt! It is SO CUTE!!!

  2. I love it! Size 6/7 was sold out in all three colors so I got an 8... a little big but she can wear it next year too!

  3. So cute! Love it. E has 1 crewcuts dress and 1 skirt, but I can't justify unless I buy it on sale when she's just going to grow out of it.

  4. I was in that new store during my Seattle visit last weekend! I have one near me, too (but within a J. Crew store); I thought the new Seattle store was cute but small, and pretty lacking in sale items (I'm sure there will be some once they've been open longer).

    My three girls have the ruffled skirts, too--I think it's a good price, even not marked down (and of course the bigger two skirts will be handed down). Most importantly, though, all three girls LOVE them, which is no small feat when ages range from 2 to 7. Nice that you could get away with a size 8--I thought the skirts ran a touch big.

  5. Heidi - I know! The prices are out of control! I did think the skirt was a good deal though!
    Ann - I thought they ran big too... but I couldn't buy for one daughter and not the other! I bought my almost-6 yr old the 4/5, and the 8 really is too big for my 7 1/2 yr old - but with the elastic waist it stays up and I can stitch it a little tighter if I need to. :) Too funny we were in the same store! I had never been to one before... yes it's rather small!