Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello, Quinn! {and a very plain OOD}

Today's outfit is very plain because it's all about my fabbie new Fairchild Gardens Quinn!  When did my husband develop such great taste?! ;) 

While I will think about some more interesting wardrobing options later, I don't have time today so jeans, white tank, leopard sandals, and latte colored ATL cardi it is...

Why am I in such a hurry?  Because now I have to rush to Target between dropping the kids off at school and heading into the office for a couple hours, because of this post.  Thanks Gigi!

More Treat-Week shopping and gifting updates to come (and better, less blurry pics, I promise!), stay tuned :)


  1. Sometimes a fabulously colorful Kate Spade bag is all a girl needs to make the outfit!

    P.S. You definitely seem like a woman of style + substance ... stylestance! Linda at

  2. Yay! Congratulations on the new bag. It looked great in all of your PV sets and you will have so much fun with it. What a super-duper husband you have! Happy Birthday week!

  3. Totally fab!! Love the neutral outfit. Compliments the bag perfectly.

  4. Lucky you! What a beautiful bag! Happy Birthday to you!

  5. Again, hope you had a wonderful birthday weeeekkkkk:) LOVE your new Kate!! Yay!! My oh my your hubby has fabulous taste:) That ATL cardigan looks interesting, too, it looks ruffle neck??

  6. thank you all! It is a beautiful day out there... perfect for a Tangerine Tulip bag.
    mrs.a - yes the ATL cardi is ruffled and has an almost linen-y texture to it - almost. I bought it when I bought the Jackie look alikes and have a close-up pic of it on that post. :)

  7. Yea! Congrats on getting the bag! Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday!! Love the tulip bag. Your hubs does very well in the handbag department! ;)

    I did a little damage at J Crew today, and didn't have time to go into the Kate Spade store. There were tons of cute things in the window!

    Did you get the Target dress? I am loving that print!

  9. That handbag is so bright, fun, and pretty!
    And how funny--I think I just bought that exact colored cardigan this afternoon! I am totally cheating on "Jackie". How can we not for $25???

  10. Thanks Summerilla, Jillle and Petunia :)
    Jillle - I didn't get the "coppelle" dress... I really think I'd like the skirt and tunic but they only had 3 skirts, none in my size, and no tunics. I am hoping they will get replens! I did buy a brown dress called the bittersweet crosshatch - not online - very retro, classic feel... It could be a much higher end designer.
    Petunia - I know! I forget which colors of my sweaters are Jackies and which are ATL sometimes they are so similar!