Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nordstrom's May Catalog

My May catalog arrived today and I've found lots of lovely things for summer!

Inside the front cover is a list of Nordstrom's favorites for the season:

1. the tank (yes, of course)
2. the tunic (like these too)
3. the bold dress (possibly)
4. the white watch (check!  $14 in the girls' dept)
5. the swimsuit (well, naturally...)
6. the pink bag (personally, I'm thinking tangerine with pink tulips, but, yes!)
7. denim shorts (not this mom... maybe ten years and three kids ago)
8. the aviator (could do... they're a classic)
9. flips flops (ab-so-lute-ly)
10. hoops (yes, yes, yes)
11. sheer color  (love)
12. the white bag (fabbie) that's one of my new words, thanks Jillle!

So, I am kind of loving these shoes on p. 28, (although I know I would need to see them on my foot).  The price point, however, is more in the range of what I'd consider for a very classic pair of shoes that I'd expect to wear for years and years or some classic boots.  Maybe on sale or a similar, lower priced brand.  (Note the gorgeous TB Kelsey I recently blogged about on the right page!)

Pour la Victoire snake-embossed "Ella" Sandal with zipper detail - in steel blue boa (picture directly above is from - love their multi-views!) or vanilla boa (also on catalog page above).  Black is shown online.  $225.

This perfume is also featured:  I recently tried it on in-store and loved it!  I currently wear Prada Infusion d'Iris (alternating with Burberry Beat) and am a big fan of the citrusy Aqua di Parma which I have worn lots in the past but don't have a bottle right now.  I may get this one before too long.

Prada Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger 1.7 eau de parfum spray $74.  (They say this is inspired by the orange blossom note in Infusion d'Iris.)

I am also interested in checking out the Nars "Outsider" lipstick which they describe as a "glistening modern coral" and Nars "Belize" lip gloss which is described as "pale pink with specks of gold"... they both sound perfect for summer!


  1. It seems I had the same reaction to the Nordstrom's catalog. I love those shoes but I agree they would need to be tried on before purchasing and I'm not loving the price. A little pricey for a fun pair of summer sandals that might not get worn often.

  2. Darn. Just when I think I have my shopping under control... you have to go and do this. I am on my way to the mailbox right now!

  3. I too wear Prada Infusion d'Iris - love it for spring/summer!

  4. I got this catalog in the mail yesterday and immediately put it in the recycling bin. The last 2 Nordstrom catalogs have resulted in handbag purchases, and I just cannot trust myself to not do again.

  5. The Nars lipgloss you mentioned sounds perfect for summer. I love Nars and I love lipgloss!! Esp. anything with a little shimmer!!

  6. I got mine but haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Will be doing that shortly. Excited to try the Prada perfume - the last couple times I went into Nordies, they didn't have the sample out, just the big display. thanks for sharing!!

  7. What brand is the dress?

  8. The dress shown is ECI, #257234 $118.

  9. Ooh -- I love Burberry Beat, too. Just caught that.

  10. I would love a new pair of sunglasses! I've been thinking of aviators, but I don't know if that is the best shape for me. I will have to take my daughter shopping with me, as she is the ultimate authority!

    I liked the white cropped jeans in the catalogue. Very versatile!

  11. I wear the Prada D'Iris too and would love to hear what you think of the new citrus one! The packaging is great! Those sandals look very similar to a pair I saw on clearance at the Gap the other day--might be worth checking out! Very fun look book!

  12. Did I read that right, $14 for the watch in Girls - online or instore?

  13. Mindy - mine isn't the one in the catalog - I got it at the girls dept in Bellevue's Nordy's and blogged about it on 4/28
    I love it!