Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pink + Cricket Green: OOD 5.13.09

Alright, this is going to be short... I need to check out some recaps of last night's RHNYC and RHNJ before my little ones wake up, as all the craziness is spinning around in my head!  Anyone making sense of it all?  Cah-razy.

This morning I am chaperoning a Kindergarten field trip so going for comfy jeans and cotton (and an extra cup of Tony's Organic Cafe Carmelita), and super comfortable flats because I don't know how fast I may need to move!  My black TB Revas are still en route, so the happy Spring Cricket Green Reeses it is.

By the way, I sooooo enjoyed wearing my Olive Victoria yesterday that I am now  stalking the website for another color... no popbacks as of yet.

I hope everyone is in the middle of a wonderful week -  and also, today, I am wishing a very happy birthday to my sweet friend Lissa!

The J Crew pop art top is a M and very full and  flowy - I should have purchased a S or XS... but I still love the top!  The neckline has a drawstring that ties so is adjustable.  Paired here with a white ATL cardi, and Paige Jeans, TB Reese, $14 girls' watch from Nordstrom.


  1. I love this outfit!! The top is great and I'm still pining for those shoes. Very cute-- and you can run it it! Good idea with kids.

    I DVR'd the RH reunion and the NJ premier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the kiddies take naps so I can watch. I have a feeling it's going to be quite an entertaining new cast!

  2. I love that outfit! Very cute!

    I missed most of the reunion & RHONJ last night but I DVR'd them of course. From what I saw of the reunion, can we just say Kelly is CRA-ZY?!?

  3. Everyday--I love every outfit...too cute!!!

    Love love the shoes...gorgeous!

  4. Love your outfit! The reunion show did not episode of the season in my opinion. Can't wait to watch part 2 on Thursday night! (PS--I am traveling from the Midwest to your neck of the woods this weekend to visit friends--I used to live in Seattle--can't wait to be back!)

  5. Stephanie - thanks and I hope you get your naptime to catch up on the RH!
    inkOBSESSION - thank you! Thank goodness for DVRs...
    Dina - thanks again :)
    Ann - thank you! Yes... very dramatic last night! I didn't realize part 2 was on Thursday already! Must not miss... Have a great trip out here! The sun is peeking out now so I am hopeful for a pretty weekend!

  6. Pop art top is so cute on you!

    I've been stopped twice and have been asked about my watch. I'm so excited to reveal that it was $14.00. One woman said, oh fourteen hundred? She seemed disappointed when I said fourteen dollars. Go figure?!

  7. Omgosh--------super cutey you in this outfit. Love that top-and as you know, I am a fan of TB shoes, too. Love the green ones you are sporting! Happy Wednesday!!

  8. Love love love the top - so cute and perfect for a field trip!!

  9. Jillle - that is too funny! $1400.! I should pick it up in another color :)
    Thanks mrs.a & Heidi! :)