Thursday, May 21, 2009

J Crew June Roll-out

Any favorites from the June Roll-out?

Here are my picks... I've tried on the skirt and seen the necklace IRL, otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing these in-store:


  1. Love the tank. Love the etoile cardi. fun, fun, fun. don't remember seeing them today in store, though.

  2. I was hoping for something more summer-ish, I still have to wear all those pale spring tops and cardis. The only thing that I really like is the Ikat dress (I saw the yellow in store) but I don't think I will buy it (nowhere to go).
    But I haven't visited a store with the full new collection available though, I could change my mind (I always do)

  3. I love that you and I both created a J. Crew wish/purchase list from the new items over at Polyvore. :) I am glad to know that I am not the only one who rushes to put stuff on that awesome site.

    I think you should get the dress (it appears super-comfy yet pretty enough for dinner). I am totally concerned about the etoile cardigan...I envision frayed bits of chiffon all over my babies. ;)

  4. Heidi - was just in and didn't see them either... hopefully soon!
    Ema - I know what your saying... not a lot new and different really - colors are so similar, lots of chiffon detailing etc...
    Dina - I totally get that! But, I've got to see IRL. The dress is fabulous - I think - I hope! Can't wait to try on. And oh yes, I LOVED paperdolls and Barbies when I was 5 so naturally I think Polyvore is amazing!! :)

  5. I was just in store today, for a quick purchase at jcrew for one of their "soft knit cardigans" which are currently on sale---and saw some of the new items! this cardigan is adorable, and I love the dress!

  6. I love the dress. It looks so comfy. Have a great Memorial Day!