Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OOD 5.5.09 Pewter + Purple + Pearls

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It has been pouring buckets of rain all night so doesn't seem very fiesta-like out there!  I don't think I'll be wearing the little silver flops I put in my Polyvore last night... Burberry Rain Shoes, you are still in service!  It's a good thing that I personally think that Burberry plaid goes with anything so I can just put those rain shoes with whatever I'm wearing.

Tuesdays are our really busy day... I work all morning in the office, pick up kids and then we have two or three activities (depending on the week), with my oldest not getting home till about half hour before bedtime.  So I don't think we will be hitting our favorite Mexican Restaurant.  Hopefully I can pull together taco night at home!

Oh, and I got a new F21 super duper deal necklace yesterday I need to post on, stayed tuned!

Hope everyone is feeling festive and has a great day!  


  1. So pretty...I will have to try pewter and purple, although I have no idea how it will look with my complexion. You look very nice in this combo.

    Have you thought about bringing the impractical shoes in a cloth bag and wearing the practical shoes outside? I do that ALL the time here in DC (which gets a lot of rain, too). :)

    Have a very fun Cinco de Mayo. We are going to Ethiopian to celebrate. (Heehee.)

    Umm...and that dinner at George V...SO JEALOUS. Good for you all!

  2. thank you! good idea on the shoes...
    Enjoy your Ethiopian! I don't think I have ever tried it but would like to!

  3. Love this look! Pewter and purple go so well together - who knew? lol.

  4. Hi! DC and its suburbs are known for the Ethiopian restaurants. Turns out that we have the largest population of Ethiopians in the world outside of Ethiopia itself. The food is amazing.

    In my school, I think about 10% of the kids are from Ethiopia. It is amazing. :)

  5. I love this sweater and it looks great on you! I could use some good rain shoes too-- what works for you?
    Have a fun taco night!

  6. Love the outfit - as I suspected, that cardi is gorgeous!! You look fab!

  7. Thanks Christirenee, Stephanie and Heidi!
    Stephanie - I love my Burberry Rain Shoes. Boots are too hard for me for some reason. These are easy to slip on and off, and cost per wear, pretty inexpensive LOL
    Dina - that is so interesting! I had no idea!

  8. It's raining here, too, over on the east coast! Happy Rain Day! At least you will look cute and stylish in this rain, haha:) Love the color combo, i still need a pewter color cardi!! it's on my list......you are too funny with thinking of an outfit for your dinner. I got a wedding invitation in the mail today and i am already thinking of what to wear!! I think i may need that "Claire" dress after all!!! Yes!!

  9. I do the same thing... as soon as I have an event or trip my first thought is what to wear... :) We used to go to lots of events and parties but now my social life is extremely lacking... except for PTA fundraisers and piano recitals... :) I almost never get to dress up anymore so I get very excited over weddings and things like that!

  10. Same!! Going to this wedding will actually be a date night for hubby and I, how pathetic are we??!!

  11. No - it will be a great date night! I hope you have a wonderful time. We have a wedding in September I am already thinking about... LOL :)