Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue Jasmine + Rose: OOD 5.14.09

Soft and Spring-y today, despite the uncooperative weather.  I originally had some ON silver braided flops with this, but it's just too cold and windy and drippy out there and I need to get in for a pedi anyway, so I'll wear my shiny silver slingbacks.

I have all morning in the K again today and then the usual around the house.  Tonight... Housewives reunion part deux!!  I need to stop by the store for a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio in honor of Ramona and the ladies... any recommendations? (for a peek behind the scenes on Tuesday's show, see here)

And... Is it really the middle of May already?


  1. I am always amazed at how I see something at the B&M and I think to myself that is so blah but then I see it on a fellow blogger and I end up loving it. I wasn’t crazy about the Lame Zoey top when I first saw it but on you it’s absolutely darling and very chic. The shoes tie the whole outfit together perfectly!

    As far as a good pinot goes, I had Little Black Dress 2006 California Pinot Grigio at a party the other day and it was pretty tasty and surprisingly under $10. I think it was rated 89 points by Wine Spectator. Has a nice crisp pear flavor with a hint of peach.

  2. I never realized how pretty that blue jasmine color is...very flattering.

    I love me some Gateau (has a pic of a green cat on the bottle)? I think that is the way it is spelled. It is Portuguese and is a vihno although not technically a Pinot Grigio, it is a light, fresh wine similar in feel. :)

  3. This month really is flying by!

    That is a great outfit! love all the colors together. Opposite coats and it's still cold and gray here too!

    I loved the Trace PG-- very fun label too. I did that brand for Winey Weds.! I just watch the RHNJ-- woah, that's quite a cast! I am hoping to watch the first reunion show today. Thanks for the reminder of part 2 tonight! I set the DVr because I can't quite see my husband sitting down to watch that with me!

  4. Love the outfit - great colors together, so cute & spring-y. Enjoy your TV time tonight!!

  5. I am too, liking the top with your shoes---very flattering, springy outfit!! Have a big glass, or two, of wine for me tonight. I do not watch the show, but hear it's great!! Yay, tomorrow is Friday!!!!

  6. I love the blue jasmine on pretty! :)

    Enjoy your time tonight!

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  8. I'm wearing my blue jasmine zoey with a navy tartine cardigan today. The tank brings out the blue of the cardigan. On you, I love how the shimmer in the tank echoes the silver of your shoes :) :)

  9. Susan - thanks for the idea! I hadn't thought of putting this with navy but now I will. My daughter also remarked on my shoes going with the tank! thank you :)
    FFM, mrs.a & Heidi - thank you!
    Emily, Dina, & Stephanie - thank you for the wine suggestions... I will attempt to try them all! I forgot to go to the store and now am about to go pick up my girls, but luckily found a bottle of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio I forgot I had and stuck it in the fridge for tonight! :)