Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dior Rouge Dior Andalouse #435

When I'm not wearing something neutral or pink, I love a coral or peachy smile in the summer. This year, it's courtesy Dior Rouge Andalouse #435 with Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Glow #236 over.

For me, Andalouse is pretty bright (Sephora lists as a "bright coral") and the gloss softens it up a bit as well as adding that shine - making the color more peachy and subtle. I've found the Dior Addict brush to load with quite a bit of gloss from the tube which can get a little gloppy so I have to wipe off quite a bit on the side. It's also on the stickier/heavier side of gloss - compared to say Nars or Chanel Glossimer - in my opinion, so I apply pretty sparingly.

The Rouge Dior seems to be a pretty typical lipstick formula - not as hydrating as the Dior Addict I wrote about in the last post - but not drying either. Just a nice lipstick in a range of pretty colors.

Andalouse #435 swatch from

Neutrals are what I wear most of the time - I have two current favorite combos - one a little darker, the other very natural. I'll post on those next.

Happy Weekend!



  1. That's a lovely shade on you.
    It's warm and sunny this side of the 49th parallel...
    I feel that you must be sharing the heat too.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Thank you hostess! Yes, what a gorgeous sparkling weekend. I've missed the sunshine. xo

  3. LOVE it! That sunny smile can ONLY be a Southern girl's! ;-)

    Hey sweetie, how do you like those Stuart W Donut gladiators? My fave shoe brand (tied with TB) for sheer perfect fit!

  4. Beautiful color!!! You also have a beautiful and VERY white smile! This is coming from the girl who married an Orthodontist:)

  5. JCAUNCMom - thanks! I ordered them from zappos and got notice they've just shipped. I'll do a review soon :) I have 3 pairs of SW I really like but they are very different.
    Tricia - thank you! I got braces off my lower teeth last year... it was only for 6 months but the third time! This time, permanent retainer. :)

  6. Gorgeous shad of coral! BTW those BR Wedges..I just bought two pair last week one in orange and the other in Indigo! ;)

  7. Dear Sparrows and Sparkles,
    that is a rare case that somebody can wear pink and peach - I always wear pink, but peach drains the colour out of my face and makes me looked washed out. But on your picture I see that you can wear it prettily!

  8. Diary & Britta - thank you and thanks for visiting :)