Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dior Addict Dior Kiss #578

So there was some tweeting recently about the Dior Addict lipstick worn by Kate Moss in a recent advertisement... #578 "Dior Kiss". I've been on a lipstick/gloss kick lately -- but in search of the perfect neutrals and peaches -- obviously completely neglecting the pink family.

I looked it up online and the Dior Addict line comes in the most beautiful range of pinks... from barely there to bubblegum to hot... so I went to Sephora this morning to check them out in person. For me, the perfect rosy pink came down to Dior Kiss #578 (described as "sheer dark pink") or Paris #762 (described as "hot pink shimmer"). Paris was a little sparklier and lighter it seemed. I came home with the slightly deeper hued Dior Kiss.

This lipstick absolutely feels like a lip balm on my lips. I love it. It is pigmented enough to show up like a regular lipstick, but just so moisturizing - with such a gorgeous sheen - that I don't feel like it needs a gloss over it. Perfect for Summer simplicity.

#578 color swatch from sephora.com

I tried to take some swatch pics on my arm, but they just didn't look right. Here I am wearing it (I think it looks a little brighter pink IRL than on my screen):

I'd love to hear of other good pinks. I'll try to post my fav neutrals & peaches soon.



  1. The first picture is my favourite.
    It looks very creamy and it must be loaded with moisture to feel like lip balm.

    I am an Aveda fan and currently am wearing #320 Sugar Apple

  2. I am ALWAYS looking for new lipstick and lipgloss shades! Can't wait to see your fave neutrals :)

  3. I bought DiorKiss and Paris when they first came out, love, love love!

  4. Love it! Thanks for posting. I'm liking the Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Boy.

  5. Love it!! I am headed into Sephora on Friday topick up some goodies,so I will def. check this color out!! Love that it's hydrating....i usually wear Stila Lip Shine in "Sheen" which a great, neutral, moisturizing color for summer!!!

  6. Dear Sparrow&Sparkles,
    This might be the answer of a dilemma I'm in: My favourite Lipstick for years - N0 128 from YSL - is no longer produced (I bought what I could get - in tout Hamburg and Berlin! - now I have the last 3 lipsticks in my refrigerator). They are my "label", such a beautiful, beautiful pink...
    Might be that I'll become an Addict of Dior Kiss...

  7. The Diorkiss looks amazing on you! There are a couple more I want to buy from this line...love it so much!