Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting with a Scarf {packing progress}

My packing is beginning to take shape. I had to start somewhere, so I began with a silk scarf that I have had for years (then added another more casual one in the same hue).

Hermes The Royal Mews scarf in light pink (1994)

I know. Hermes scarves are so expensive. But I can't think of many other things (except jewelry) I purchased over 15 years ago that I am still excited to wear, much less base a 2011 travel wardrobe around. This can be worn so many different ways around the neck, as a belt, tied to a bag, even as a halter top (I'd add a cardi). Queen Elizabeth has this design in light blue.

I'm also bringing my lightweight under-$10-on-sale-score Nordstrom BP Fringe Wrap in a pale pink - very close in color so will go with the same things - which is much more casual and can go over the shoulders on the airplane.

This scarf has lots of gold, a little red, and both brown and gray on its pretty pink background. I like it with these two cardigan colors, so they were the next step in my plan:

Ann Taylor Loft cardis in hot pink and brown (purchased several months/maybe a year ago)

I added a white Loft cardi from a year or two ago, and my cardigan plan is complete:

I'm now putting together my lightweight tops and tanks/tees and a couple of F21 maxi dresses which will go with one or all of these cardis. For pants and skirts: charcoal, navy and white.

The Banana Republic Mirra wedges on my sidebar recently arrived (review soon) and I've decided I really want these *orange* shoes to come along too. I think I can make it work.

Happy Thursday!



  1. I agree about Hermes scarves...
    they hold their value and are a luxe treat.
    I find that i walk taller and feel better just wrapping one around my neck!
    Your Hermes scarf pattern and colour palette is just so lovely!

  2. I love your packing up so far. Those wedges will be great as orange and pink are so fabulous together!
    I'm packing up my husband today, my daughters on the weekend, and then my final decisions around which frocks to bring on my trip have to happen!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your packing up. Always a big part of the fun, and of course it really pays off on holiday too!

  3. Oh BTW, I adore adore your Hermes scarf!

  4. what a beautiful scarf! and It is so neat that there is so much history to the design. I have an hermes scarf that I got in 2008 at the summer sales. I love it and love to travel with it!

  5. We will be in Seattle again soon in the U district...
    any ideas as to where we might dine?

    We know downtown but have no clues as to the U district

  6. Dear Sparrows&Sparkle,
    beautiful scarves - and so useable when travelling - changing a 'look' easily (and not taking up much place in a suitcase). I wish you a happy holiday!

  7. You will be SUCH a stylish traveler!!!