Sunday, June 19, 2011

OOTE 6.16.11 {JC Coppelle + BR Mirra}

OOTE 6.16.11

I wore my Banana Republic Mirras the other night. They are a little padded/cushy and quite comfortable for the height. The buckle allows you to adjust the tightness of the strap. The orange is a perfect, classic orange. Not too bright, not too spice. Just orange. I like them with J Crew's Coppelle Paisley print. My jeans are long and cover them up but here you can see it is a pretty nice match:

J Crew Coppelle Paisley Silk Boatneck Blouse, Hudson denim, Banana Republic Mirra Wedge in Orange Peel
...and I carried my Shark Bristol/Pippa again. I like orange and gray together.

I just love a boatneck with 3/4 sleeves. Yesterday I ordered this in Bright Capri/Cream and this in Bright Navy from LL Bean to take on our trip.

Speaking of the trip, I feel a little more under control as we've now got our cars reserved and I have some new summer clothes on the way for my little guy from Lands' End and Gymboree. And I'm going to have some time tomorrow to work on this:

Happy Sunday!



  1. I love those orange shoes and the top. Orange is such a cheery shade and I shy away from it...seeing these images I feel inspired to buy something orange!

    Looks like your packing is well underway...where are you off to?

  2. LOVE that print!!! what size, in teh llbean shirts did you get? love the blue one, need one!

  3. I wore my jCrew silk twill boatneck last week, too! I agree, I love boatneck and 3/4 sleeves.

  4. hostess - thank you! Denmark and Italy, then flying straight to Atlanta and going to the Florida beach :)
    Tammy - thanks!
    mrs.a - thanks! Small. I have the stripe in another color and the fit is good. In longer "tunic" styles I will order XS in the future - I have a white one in small and it is very roomy.
    Pamela - thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I need a "like" button for this. I'm a boatneck & 3/4 sleeves kind of girl, and of course the Pippa remains my bag crush du jour.

    I will go investigate those BR wedges; I have 2 BR pairs from years past that I just adore, and I like strappy look of these.

    Finally, color me impressed that you start packing so far ahead of trips. I'm hoping that talent somehow comes to me along with this other, mom-stuff-you-learn-on-the-job business.

  6. Very cute!

    I'm also loving those shoes, but torn between going safe with the navy or ordering them in orange.

  7. I love the print on your top!!! Those shoes are so cute and I am glad they are comfy as well!! I love/hate packing I love it as soon as things start to take shape and I feel in control! I do have to pack for 5 people everytime we go anywhere because my hubby always makes me pack for him too!! At least I am sure everyone has everything!

  8. What a great look! Love it.

  9. Legallyblondemel - thank you! Yes, the mom-on-the-job-training is quite a whirlwind :) x
    Phyllis - It is a great orange; blues are easier to find ...and I am noticing more orange shoes lately... most recently in InStyle I think it was - and some great espadrilles in the current J Crew catalog (Steve Madden has similar). Orange can be surprising neutral - great with charcoal, light gray, brown, navy... (I'm thinking go for the orange...) ;)
    Tricia and Muffy - Thanks so much!

  10. Love the shoes, love the print, and I always buy American In Style but I'm weeks behind you.