Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Near the end of the war in 1945, my grandfather was in a B-17 flying above the rooftops of Holland... sometimes at just 100 feet... dropping food which helped save thousands of starving men, women and children. (There were some chocolate bars in those packages too.) He was in his early 20's and had a baby at home he had never met. The pilot of the plane was only 19.

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I am sincerely thankful to him and all of our veterans for their service to our country past and present.

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I found this quote from a man who was nine years old when he witnessed the food drops:

"It is surprising that such a short episode in 1945 has had such a sweeping effect on one's life experience. It might be difficult to believe from someone who hardly survived starvation and enemy occupation, but I sincerely consider myself to have been privileged to have been through the whole story, from the beginning to the finale.

I experienced deep darkness. I experienced the full significance of rescue, liberation and freedom. Therefore I am able to understand what Happiness and Luck in Life really mean. I am a privileged man. And I shall never forget."

--Frans Cayeaux (originally published in the newsletter of the British Manna Organization)



  1. In 1945, my father was storming a body-littered beach in France with artillery going off all around him. He was 23, but his first child didn't come along until he was in his 40s. He tells me God made sure he survived so I could be born. He's 88 now. I called him this morning to thank him for saving the world.

    He and your grandfather are truly part of the greatest generation.

  2. It amazes me the sacrifices they made. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. It is a day to be grateful and honour all who were brave enough to put their lives on the line for freedom.
    The story of your grandfather and the quote from the young man must never be forgotten.

    My husband and I walked over to the war monument this morning and then walked slowly past the graves and read the names, ages and the company that they served was a chilling reminder of how many died in the line of duty.
    Lest we never forget.

  4. Beautifully written!! I am so grateful for this country and for all those who made the sacrifice for us!

  5. hostess & tricia - thank you
    Phyllis, thank you again for sharing