Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{pet pajamas}

Well, I went nearly 9 months without buying our puppy a single article of clothing, but of course Target did me in. Here is Winnie modeling his new jammies... only $4.99 for these cuties. The tag says "PETS HOLIDAY" so they look to be seasonal. He did bite off both decorative buttons shortly after these pics, so I'd recommend removing them if you have a chewer.

pet pajamas (dogs only) #083091425 $4.99
Win is wearing size Small (he's about 7 lbs)


Happy Tuesday!



  1. Ok that is soooooo cute!!! I really should try something like that on my dog!

  2. So cute! We had little outfits like this for our yorkie and maltese, they looked almost like long johns for dogs but we learned they were great for keeping the snow from sticking to their hair in the winter! Winnie is SO CUTE!