Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nordstrom Shopping {Rubbish Infinity Scarf}

The Half Yearly (Women and Children) Sale began *today* so I made time for a quick run through Nordstrom this morning and although I didn't find any sale items I had to have, I did buy a top, a tank, and this Chunky Cabled Infinity Scarf from the juniors department.

also available in Black, Cloudy, and Seagate

Last Winter I tried to get this doubled looped look with regular scarves, and - while it's do-able - this type of circular scarf definitely makes it easier. Nordstrom's November catalog was in my mailbox this afternoon and I noticed that the scarf I just purchased this morning is shown on page 66, though it is not mentioned in the details below the pics.

from Nordstrom's November 2010 Catalog, p. 66

Is anyone else shopping the sale or finding any great deals? I'd love to know!



  1. I am not shopping the sale...but I do like the infinity scarf...I've seen a few like this here in Canada...soft wool cable knit so cozy for the winter and autumn chill....they'd make great Xmas gifts...oops did I say Xmas!
    I bought my first gift today.
    I like your green sweater!

  2. I want one of those scaves. They are everywhere, come in all sorts of colors and patterns and look great with alomost anything. I don't know if I'll get mine from Nordstroms, but one's coming home with me this weekend.

  3. I love that chunky scarf! I bought one a couple years ago from TJ Maxx. I remember the Olsen twins were wearing them all the time, but yours is nicer bc of the color and chunkiness. Love it!

  4. huh. didn't know there was a sale at nordstrom going on. maybe i need to drop in, after taking my daughter to her 4 month old appt. today...:) love the scarf!!! maybe you could post the tank and top that you got, also??!!

  5. thanks y'all! :) Patina - I know you'll find a good one.