Monday, November 29, 2010

Pine Scented Candles {+ snow!}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! The day after always starts the Christmas season for me and the lovely snowfall we had around our area has definitely made things feel very Winter festive.

Right now I'm loving this pine (with a bit of cedar and clove) scented candle (limited edition) I recently bought at Target...

I've also been burning Mrs. Meyer's orange-clove. These are around $7, and while they look a lot smaller than the Caldrea candles I've been buying lately, they actually have a 25 hour burn time compared to the 28 or 29 of the Caldrea.

So with these candles glowing, I am getting started on the Christmas decorating... pics of that to come eventually... I also have a great broccoli pecan casserole I've been meaning to post, along with a couple Stella & Dot reviews.

...and... I'm sure you all know it is cybermonday and many online retailers are offering some great promotions right now (in-store too): 40% off at Loft and Ann Taylor, 25% off at CWDKids, 30% off at Grandin Road, some big markdowns at Net-a-Porter, free monogramming and free shipping on some items over at Pottery Barn (just ordered a small velvet stocking for our puppy to match the kids' stockings... less than $10 monogrammed and shipped!)... to name a few... (if anyone hears of an American Girl code, please let me know!! :) )

If you're shopping, don't forget to go through ebates. Many sites are offering double cash back today (6% at Ann Taylor, 8% at BR, 3% at JCrew for example).

I'd love to know if anyone has scored any great deals!



  1. I am so jealous of your snow!

    I love that meyers candle too. :)

  2. oh you make me buy candles! must go to Target today! oh and I can't wait for that casserole recipe!

  3. I love the snow before Christmas! Those candles sound delightful! I too wish I could find an American Girl Doll code! I went crazy on Friday so I have not gotten one thing today!

  4. Time for a new (holiday!) candle around here, so thanks for the reminder:) Didn't get anything today,for cyber monday. I know once my little girl is old enough for American Girl, I am doomed!!!! Did you ever find a code??

  5. I am going to go on the hunt for a pine or Christmas tree scented candle. We opted for a fake tree this year and I am craving the smells! Great idea.

  6. Hello! I just came across your blog and greatly enjoy it...I agree with the Meyer's pine candle...who would have known it would be the best Christmas scent??

  7. Is this the first scented candle you ever tried? I am a little "afraid" the scent might be too strong. And they seem to be expensive, compared to ordinary candles.

  8. Hi Paula! I buy scented candles pretty frequently. This one is a fairly strong pine scent. I also like Tyler Candles, Caldrea, and Rendezvous soy candles. I don't have them going all the time - just when the mood strikes - and some of them are "perfume-y" but I do like having the scent in addition to the cozy glow! :)

  9. Huddyma, Peggy, tricia, Tess & Hil - thanks!
    mrs.a - never did find a code! Had to order anyway :/