Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garnet Hill {flannel jammies!}

I've ordered from Garnet Hill occasionally over the past several years, my favorite thing being their kids' flannel pajamas. They are currently on promo for $34. (regularly $44.) and I just placed my order for three pairs of super cute Christmas jammies (shhh... this is the one present they get to open early on Christmas Eve... though they may have caught on by now...). So Christmas morning, my three will be sporting the happy green Holiday Sheep version:

pic from garnethill.com

These are made of German cotton flannel and modacrylic, which Garnet Hill explains is inherently flame-resistant. I avoid buying jammies with flame retardant chemicals and usually opt for snug fitting ones or Hannas. While trying to figure out exactly what this modacrylic is, I came across this, where the author discusses flame retardants and mentions Garnet Hill's flannel pajamas.

The promo lasts through December 7th, while supplies last.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Those sheep pj's are so cute!
    I have never ordered from Garnet Hill am off to google their site now!

  2. Love your xmas jammie xmas eve gift tradition!! those jammies look sooooooooo soft--i just ordered some hanna's for my kiddos this year:)

  3. hostess - They have lots of lovely things... and the cozy flannel comes in adult sizes too :)

  4. mrs.a - I love hannas! I got mine that Swedish horse print one year for their Christmas jams :)

  5. I love flannel pjs for ME!!! so cozy!

  6. V. cute and I love that you have a Christmas jammies tradition. And I love that you found a cute print that works for boys and girls alike.

    Side note: I see Hitchcock's "Rope" there on your sidebar. Great movie. Did you think the killers were lovers?

  7. When I was growing up we had the same Christmas Eve tradition. It's one that I will have with my family as well and you picked really cute PJs for this year!

  8. Those look not only cute but great news on being so flame resistant!!! I need to order my kids some Christmas jammies!

  9. Pamela - me too! I got some great Nick & Nora at Target last year.
    hush - thanks! Hanna Andersson usually has good options for coordinating boys & girls as well. On the side note: Interesting! yes... great movie. I may have missed something but I was thinking during the movie that they were brothers... or had some sort of family relationship. There was definitely some reason for the dominating behavior. Very creepy/suspenseful movie & I love seeing the clothing and decorating from the time. Love Hitchock - this was the first time I'd seen Rope.
    Tess - thanks! we had the same tradition growing up so I've continued it :)
    tricia - thanks!