Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nordstrom Shopping {Fire Chiffon Tunic}

I was going to wear this outfit to the Marc Cohn concert tonight, but sadly found out yesterday that it was cancelled. So, I wore it anyway today for a couple hours at the office, getting my hair highlighted (which I changed from highlighting to all over color in my natural color (dark!) ), and a little shopping.

I wasn't planning on wearing the tunic and scarf together, but I had them both in my hand when a Nordstrom SA walked up to me wearing them. I liked the look, so here it is! She also showed me these great BP tanks that are very long in length... perfect for leggings. The tunic is sheer and definitely needs a layer underneath.

Fire Square Neck Chiffon Tunic in Grey , BP Tunic Tank in Olivine, Rubbish Infinity Scarf in Twine, Mossimo Ponte Leggings in Black, Banana Republic Reade Moto Boot in Black

In the afternoon it was bright and sunny and pretty warm, so I took off the scarf. Here you can also see the results of my time spent with the colorist. At school pick up, other moms noticed right away, but not one of my children said a word. When I asked them (at separate times) if anything was different about my hair, all three said "It's straight.". But really, it is a big difference!

The hems really aren't so uneven. I think it's just a combination of the way I've pulled down the tank and how I'm standing.

close-up of print and the square neckline

Friday tomorrow!



  1. I like those two pieces together. I would also say your hair is very straight. *lol* I didn't notice the color so much. Love that the moms picked up right away.

  2. your tunic is soooo cute with the leggings and boots! Love!

  3. I can totally notice the hair color difference! I love it!!!! The lighter color was very pretty but the dark looks rich and warm. So perfect for the fall/winter.

    Cute print on the tunic!

  4. Gigi, Peggy & Pamela - thank you! When my husband came home he said "nice haircut!" ...I did NOT get it cut lol!! My daughter did say that it is mostly darker on top... which I guess since the kids are much shorter than I am would be not as likely for them to see right away ;)

  5. Love!!!! Thanks for posting your other Nordstrom goodies......I am LOVING this tunic, super chic! Must check it out. Also in need for some new longer tanks, so I will look at thest BP tanks you showed here,thank you!! LOVE the new hair color! Perfect for winter/fall and just in time for the holidays. I need mine done for the winter SO bad. Haven't had anything done since early June! Ahhhhh!!!!

  6. Lady, you look lovely!! The scarf is fabulous, and I love your hair! Perfect for fall :)


  7. I love this outfit. Might have to run to Nordstrom on my lunch break today.

  8. Nice combination...and I am impressed with the new colour of your hair...looks warm and rich from what I can see.
    I do love the Nordstroms SA's the few times that I have shopped the Seattle flagship store they have been THE reason that I have left with bags full of goodies!

  9. Love this! I def think I need to buy it. Like the new hair color too. So cute.

  10. Dear Sparrows & Sparkles,
    that is a bright idea to combine the scarf (volume) with the fine texture of the dress! Both is added by the "bracket" of the boots - beautiful! And your hair too! Britta

  11. mrs.a & Julie - thank you!!
    Victoria - hope you found it :)
    hostess - thanks so much :) Yes, Nordstrom SAs are usually sooo helpful
    Christina - thanks!
    Britta - thank you :)

  12. The tunic is "juniors" and the small says sizes 1-3. I'm not sure what size to order. Did you order your regular clothing size, or did you go a size up?

  13. Rose - thanks!
    Jenny726 - I am not a size 1-3 in tops - more of a 4-6 - but I didn't size up - bought a small which is what I normally buy in tops at Loft, J Crew etc. It is very roomy and flowy everywhere except the band of fabric at the very top of the chest - that fits me just exactly. Hope this helps!