Monday, September 27, 2010

Tucker for Target {one blouse}

I've been reading quite a bit about this latest collaboration and the consensus seems to be that it's a hit. The dresses are cute-as-can-be on the bloggers I've seen them on... but knowing I really wouldn't get much wear out of them, I opted for just a blouse. (I also love the look of the orange/cream wrap herringbone jacket, shown on page 116 of October's Real Simple magazine, but it appears to be sold out online). Now, I don't own any regular Tucker, but I've read that these Signature Blouses are pretty much exact replicas of the $276.00 versions... the big difference being fabric. The originals are silk; these are polyester. I like this style tucked in.

Tucker for Target Signature Blouse in Navy

I really like this pattern and thought it looked so familiar but I couldn't figure out why - then I realized my husband has a cotton Burberry polo shirt almost the same color/pattern.

my little photographer was getting creative

I was barefoot in the first three photos because I just couldn't decide on shoes. I finally went with some gold Tory Burch espadrilles. Mixing gold and silver doesn't bother me at all (it used to) so even though I had on silver jewelry, I went for the gold-tone buckle (I have the hardest time figuring out what shoes to wear with which belt, by the way) and shoes since I really like gold with this shiny deep blue.

Hope everyone is starting out a great week!



  1. I ended up passing on this cute top because it laid weird on my jeans. I love the look of it tucked in and it goes so well with your gold flats. Great look, and I may need to rethink my pass and head back to tarjay!

  2. love the top. i need to go get one.

  3. It looks great tucked in. I also mix metals without hesitation. I used to be so anal about it...even down to the hardware on my handbags needing to match my jewelry lol. I know, I know..get a life, right! smile

  4. I love this blouse and looks great how you have styled it with all of your accessories. Really simple but sophisticated - love it.
    wish target would ship to Canada ... might have to hit up my American relatives on this one.
    Also really liked the Sprout Organic watch in your previous post. Am currently on the look for a good watch so may just search this one out.

  5. Looking good as you usually do...I seldom comment but always visit!
    Haven't seen puppy for awhile!

  6. I love that top and the print is DARLING!!!

  7. Love the blouse, it looks great tucked in, with the belt!

    I had the same thought about the pattern being similar to the Burberry one, when looking at the close-up picture of the blouse.

  8. The blouse looks great on you! I bought it in cream, although now that I've worn it I'd like one of the patterned blouses as well...

  9. This blouse looks gorgeous on you. I have both the regular and target lines and can absolutely vouch for how close they are except for obviously the silk/poly factor.

    Great buy for sure!! You will get a ton of wear!!


  10. Tess - thank you!
    Joy - thanks!
    Patina - I'm glad to hear that - I like to mix now but it really used to bother me before.
    Ladysmith - thanks! I'm surprised to hear they don't ship to Canada!
    hostess, tricia & Mona - thank you!
    Mother of Style - thanks -- I'm kind of liking the prints too!
    Lisa - thanks :)
    this free bird - thanks so much! welcome! :) xo