Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chinese Laundry "At Once"

My most recent shoe purchase was this great little wedge bootie by Chinese Laundry. The color is called "taupe" - though that isn't really what I'd call this hue - so I took a picture of it next to some light gray suede Cole Haan booties for comparison. The CL's are a darker grayish-brown, I'd say... maybe a wet-cement-gray-brown? These pics were all taken with a flash.

This is my first time buying Chinese Laundry and I'm really happy with them. Cute, versatile, and nicely priced... and a "Rachel Zoe pick" on piperlime to top it off. They are pretty comfy -- I may add a little cushion insert under the ball of my foot. I took my typical 8.5.

Happy Monday!



  1. first I thought they were grey. But when I saw the picture next to the grey shoe I agree: they are taupe.
    Did you order them online? I really like any kind of bootie, especially wedge booties.

  2. So cute! I am typically an 8.5 too, but I ended up buying a 9 in Tory Burch. For you at Tory's TTS?

  3. Cute and I love your nail polish color!

  4. Paula - hi! Yes - I ordered from I think they are also available from
    Tess - thanks! I do buy 8.5 in TBs also.
    Mona P - thanks :)
    triciathomas - thanks :) My next post is on the nail polish! publishing tomorrow

  5. cute!!!! what are those cole haan booties that youhave pictured next to the chinese laundry ones?

  6. mrs.a - thanks! the CH Air Talia Bootie in Ironstone Suede. They were part of the Nordstrom Anniv Sale :)

  7. Dear sparrowandsparkles,
    as you might have seen on my recent post on youarewittyandpretty, "Shoe-tic", you are not alone with your beautiful buy! The grey (and I would call that grey - not taupe) - is very tender, and I love suede leather, that's so soft and comfortable for the feet (and easier to look after than people think). I wish you much joy with those boots!

  8. Hot boots. I like the footwear you pick. :-)