Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

It's New York Fashion Week!

I love keeping up with that world... all the fun shows being publicized right now, as well what's being worn to premieres, parties, along the red carpet throughout the year...

But how to translate it all to fit my life... I may not be carrying the latest "it" bag in the latest "it" color, and I may not be sitting front row at a major fashion show... but I definitely gather ideas and get inspiration for my regular, stay-home-mom life (which if you are a mom you know once you get your first out of diapers is actually not at
all stay at home)

Even though my days consist mostly of driving to school, lessons and sports, volunteering and taking care of things for the household, I can still put to use a teensy bit of the glamour and sparkle I'm seeing out there. A recent example is an appearance by Bethenny Frankel where she wore a striking pink dress with some amazing turquoise earrings. Now, that look might be a little impractical to recreate for a PTA meeting. But I can definitely take something away from it:

Bethenny, looking fab:
image from Housewife Style
Me, ready for a couple hours at the office, school pick up, and a run to dance lessons:

Loft tank, Paige denim, J Crew cardi, Kendra Scott earrings, Tory Burch Revas in black

Happy Friday and hope everyone enjoys Fashion Week, wherever you may be!



  1. I have some turquoise earrings that I love to wear with a pink shirt.

  2. Perfect!! You are casual Bethenny and it looks great:)

  3. that's a perfect example of taking something away from a high fashion look and translating it to reality. I love the pink and turquoise together. Your earrings are lovely.

    I also enjoy keeping up on the fashion tweets, blogs, etc during Fashion Week. It all sounds so exciting. One day I hope I can go just to be in the city when it's going on. High fashion doesn't translate to my everyday life, but like you, I like to see what I can take away from it, too!

  4. I kind of know how you feel. My lifestyle is pretty casual with very few dress up occasions, but I do try to add a little sparkle to jazz things up too. I never thought of pairing turquoise and pink, but it's a gorgeous combination that I can't wait to try. I love your earrings.

  5. I love this whole post! You put together the best outfits!

  6. Yes, i always read the magazines and take some tips. This is a great post! I wore today jean capri's, a white tank, pink cardigan, and my turquoise earrings from Stella and Dot! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dear XoXo,
    I LOVE earrings and have to confess that I decided rather late in my life to let a doctor put holes into my earlobes - but just in the last minute catching a valuable heavy golden earclip with moonstone gave me such a shock that I went, forgetting every warning of my doctor-acupuncturist about "The eye-point". Never regretted my decision: earrings are a quick way to pep up every outfit!
    The photograph of you looks beautiful - and when children are no longer sitting on ones arm one can wear long earrings without fearing that they snatch them away - only, come to think of it, if you have daughters :-) - but there it would be vice versa...

  8. Graceybug - I love the two colors together :)
    Jill - thanks so much!
    Pamela - thanks! Yes - would love to go to NYC FNO!
    Patina - you always do such a beautiful job sparkling up your outfits!
    Ashleigh - thanks so much!
    Rose - thank you!
    Mrs.A - thanks! Love Stella & Dot from what I've seen but I've never bought any. Glad you put together an outfit from the post!!
    Britta - thank you so much! My girls do both have their ears pierced now but must keep to non-dangly earrings for the time being! :)

  9. I am catching up on your posts but just wanted to say that I think this outfit is so feminine and pretty. The color of the cardigan is gorgeous!