Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nordstrom September Catalog Picks

I really like how Nordstrom's September 2010 catalog is divided by color... I've found a few things that look great and plan to take a closer look at soon. Anyone else have any picks?

Here are mine:

INK (my current fav)

Sorial 'Tanya' drawstring convertible hobo in midnight blue suede $188. #307123

Gucci oversized sunglasses, shaded brown/blue $295. #307134


Michael Kors stainless steel rose gold watch $250. #318676


Marc by Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses, brown $85. #253039


Sprout eco friendly watch $30. #310523
(biodegradable case & buckle, bamboo dial, organic cotton strap and mercury free battery for $30 - wow!)

all images are from the pages of the catalog



  1. I had also noticed the Sprout watch in the catalog. I love the rugged look of it and was very surprised by the price! Great picks!

  2. I haven't recvd a catalog yet. I like the idea of it organized by color. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear Sparrows and Sparkles,
    isn't it tantalizing to see objects presented in catalogues - and then to have to look for them in different catalogues or places, because it is not very practical for ordering in Germany from USA in case the size isn't right. Of course I order books and DVDs, quite a lot - but the other things I have to jot down in an extra little notebook (I have one for the UK and France too), because when I am there, I will not always remember all of the fabulous things you show.

  4. huh! hadn't noticed the color organization, either! very interesting....i do like that blue suede bag you picked and the eco watch is unique! i had been eyeing a pair of boots in the catalog, but i just threw it out the other day, oops!!

  5. I was also pining over those aviator glasses since I lost my D&G's at my daughters soccer game! boo!

  6. I love the way the catalog is color coordinated as well. I'm keeping it in my closet for inspiration. I like dressing in all black or brown or grey and then popping it with military green, or ink accessories. I'm coveting the Tano hobo on page 3.

  7. I'm crushing on the Kors watch for fall. I have the white one but can't seem to wear now with all of my new fall clothes!

  8. let's see, I earmarked quite a few pages in this catalog...Halogen magazine tote, chains on page 52, black ribbon necklace pg. 84, and the marcasite hoops! Love this catalog!