Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Caldrea at Target {Plum Nutmeg & Saffron Quince}

Caldrea is one of my favorites for counter cleaners, hand soap and kitchen candles. The Olive Oil (with essential oils of coriander and cedarleaf) is probably my favorite, but the Herbes de Provence and Citron are pretty great too.

Today I noticed two new fragrances - most likely seasonal - at Target: Plum Nutmeg and Saffron Quince. The Plum Nutmeg is definitely plummy and nutmeg-y. I will probably buy some closer to Christmas but I'm not quite ready for it yet.

The Saffron Quince is fruity, a little floral, and fresh -- and a nice scent for this transitional season when I'm not into full blown pumpkin-spicy scents -- so I purchased one of the candles. I like that it is made with a natural vegetable wax base, a cotton and paper core wick, and natural essential oils. It is 8 oz with a burn time of 28 hours and under $10. at Target.

(I've also recently purchased a Tucker for Target blouse and a (leopard) dress... so I'll try to get reviews up soon.)



  1. Gotta love your Target posts!! Seems like the perfect scented candle, like you said, if you are not ready for fall/pumpkiny scented. My candle gong right now, of course, is mcintosh apples---and have "warm cider" waiting for me:) Can't wait to see the post on the clothing you also picked up at target:)

  2. accck - thanks for the tip - I'm going to get the candles pronto! And can't wait to see your Tucker!

  3. I love caldrea, too. I'm so happy that Target is carrying some of it. Did you know that Williams Sonoma cleaning products, soaps, candles are all by Caldrea, too!?!

    I'm going to have to check out these two new scents at tarjay. it's bit early for the season scents for me, too, but I'm all for fruity, floral and fresh!

  4. I love Target and all the great buys!! I can't wait to see your Tucker!

  5. Gotta love Target. I always stock up on candles in the fall, it's a habit!

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Pamela - I hadn't heard that -- good to know!