Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Sale Shopping

If you like to stay on top of the sales like I do, I'm sure your email inboxes have been inundated with offers for Memorial Day weekend. We all expect lots of good deals this weekend and I have already done a little sale shopping myself.

But. This morning my seven-year-old asked me to explain Memorial Day. She commented right away on the disconnect between popular discussions of day-off plans and shoptastic opportunities and the true meaning of the day.

On that note, I must mention the one corporate email I received today that despite not advertising any kind of markdowns or specials, made me want to shop there:

QFC/Kroger (grocery stores) had this to say:

Honor a Hero Today!

In 2010, The Kroger Family of Stores donated $400,000 to the USO. Please help us reach our $1 million goal for 2011! Create a message for a special soldier, make a donation or simply find out how you can help in your own neighborhood.

Their website is

So... the sale shopping I mentioned above was at Ann Taylor Loft. Currently they've got an extra 50% off of sale merchandise so I picked up a striped cardi and a belted linen jacket this morning.

Loft Chunky Knit Metallic Stripe Cardigan, ON tee, F21 necklace, nine-year-old's shoes in the background

I also found some fun earrings at Forever 21. No big sales going on there but I don't see how you could go much lower on the pricing. These were $2.80:

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely weekend. I sat down about an hour ago and watched the last Oprah episode. I'm glad I didn't put on mascara this morning. I haven't seen many of her shows over the past few years but I must say she is just so. incredibly. inspiring. I love her advice about being responsible for the energy you put out into the world, understanding that everyone just wants to matter, and listening, listening, listening.



  1. Thank you for posting this! My husband is's tough!

    I didn't realise QFC was Kroger...I shopped at QFC a bit when we lived in WA but my favorite was Safeway & they aren't in the midwest at least we do have some Trader Joe's & Whole Foods...but locally,for now, it's Kroger.

    We're volunteering with our local VFW to put flags out at the cemetery...then we'll have burgers & do some shopping...keeping all our bases covered! :)

    love the cardi on you!


  2. Cute cardi! Are the F21 earrings sterling silver?

  3. lottie - sounds perfect. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)
    Sasa - thanks! I don't know what materials they've used... tag says Silver/Turquoise #76954444021

  4. Lovely finds! Have a great long weekend!

  5. I love those turquoise earrings! They are so adorable and you are right, the price cannot be beat!

  6. Love the post, the honoring of our soldiers. My hats off to the men and women and their partners who are often left behind looking after families... alone.

    Love the Loft Cardi you found in the sale and earrings for $2.80! Love them. Especially as I was packing my jewelry to travel and noted that I lack any sort of earring collection!