Friday, May 20, 2011

The Banana Republic Gemma Dress {Renoir Blue}

You can see on the Banana Republic website that this dress has received mixed reviews. Personally, I like it very much. So much actually, that after ordering and receiving my black Gemma (during one of those fantastic 40% off 3 hour flash sales), I promptly ordered it in this bright blue. It looks rather "hydrangea" on the website to me but I'd call it more of a "cobalt" IRL. When my seven-year-old saw me in it yesterday morning she said "Wow, Mom - you're really blue today! You're not usually so blue!" (Blue is her favorite color so I will take that as a compliment.)

The fabric is smooth and a little unforgiving, so you do have to be careful with the undergarments... but it is a lovely weight and I like the feel. It is a true wrap style, so yes, the skirt could fly open in the wind -- so that is one thing to keep in mind. I didn't have a problem though and felt very comfortable in it.

It's been beautifully sunny here lately but the temps are still hovering a tad below 60, so I added a cardigan. I was also doing a bit of walking, so stayed within my ballet-flat-comfort-zone.

Banana Republic Gemma Dress in Renoir Blue (size small), Loft cardi in white, Tory Burch Tumbled Leather Revas in Royal Tan, Modalu London Medium Bristol Grab in Shark (now pre-ordering as "The Pippa"), Michele watch, DY bracelets

Happy Friday!



  1. I've seen that dress & think it's really pretty. I think it also comes in a beautiful red. Love the cobalt blue & it looks great w/the Pippa :)

  2. Ah, there goes that gorgeous Bristol/Pippa again. I'm still hemming & hawing over the pre-order.

    And how perfectly Middletonian that you've paired that bag with a cobalt dress not unlike the one Kate / Catherine / Duchess etc. wore for her engagement announcement.

    Ok, I'll stop now before I sound even more like a Royal stalker...

  3. Love the dress, great colour!

  4. Legallyblondemel... oh Middletonian... yes that is a good term. I also thought of Pippa's hotel-leaving-ensemble with the white jeans & cobalt jacket, neutral flats and this bag.
    Mona - thank you :)

  5. You look very casual royal. What a beautiful outfit!


  6. Dear Sparrows and Sparkles,
    that Blue is fantastic - a real royal Kingfisher Blue! Skirts that open can be tricky - some time ago I felt that the young man I was advising sat somehow absent-minded, looking at something...than I looked in that direction too - my skirt had fallen in two parts and I was sitting in a very, very short dress :-)
    (I sewed in a little hook after that encounter)

  7. You look stunning in that blue wrap dress!! I LOVE that bag it's so beautiful!!

  8. Love that blue! :) And what a cute dress!

  9. wow, I need this dress for work!