Monday, August 16, 2010

Today's Target Find: Necklaces

Since we just got back from a two-and-a-half week vacation I needed to make an early Target run this morning to restock on things like dishwasher detergent and snacks. Of course, this gave me the opportunity to check out what had been going on in some of their other departments during my time away too.

Perusing the jewelry, I noticed that much of it had been put on clearance. I am guessing they need to make room for the
Temple St. Clair collection that is hitting stores on August 29th.

loving the earrings in light blue set in gold - looking forward to seeing in person

In the clearance area I found this:

Two Strand Beaded Multiplier Necklace in Blue 027100879 $39.99 marked to $19.98 (still full price online; also available in coral, white and multi)

And in the regular priced area, this little bargain:

Necklace Silver 215012859 $4.99

a try-on to show size

Happy Monday!



  1. Target jewelry is fun to check out and you can get quite a few pieces for such great prices.

  2. :) Awww,you know how much i LOVE your target finds!! both necklaces are steals!! I am headed there today and will look for them, i esp. love the blue beaded one! would love to see some outfits w/ the necklaces!! thank you for posting!

  3. Wow those are so great finds!!! I am so excited for the new collection, those earrings are beautiful!

  4. I'm really curious about the Temple St. Clair. Jewelry collaborations at Target are less dependably good than clothes and household goods.

    Love the necklaces you picked up!

  5. I love the chain necklace. Super cuteness.