Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a Little Rosti at This {OPI's 2010 Swiss Collection}

We are really really enjoying Summer. I'm not quite ready to let it go. But... the temps are starting to dip and we're getting a little gray rain... so Fall boots, pumpkin spice lattes, and dark nail polish colors are beginning to gain appeal for me again. This color is dark but not super dark... just a very deep brownish-red. Or reddish-brown. Rust, I'd say.

I recently bought it ("Just a Little Rosti at This" from OPI's new 2010 Swiss collection) and took it along to my latest pedicure. I like it so much it'll be my next manicure too.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Sear Xoxo,
    what a beautiful colour your nail varnish is!
    For the toenails I prefer dark varnish too - this time for the first time I got it a hue more mellow with YSL La Laque 33 Rose pourpre (that doesn't sound like the colour at all - but is beautiful). I always see that I put base coat under it - without there is danger that the darker the lacquer, the easier it yellows the nail. But that you will know.
    Those sandals are gorgeous, too!!Wish you hot weather to wear them!

  2. LOVE it! I first started using OPI colors last summer and will be a customer for life! Im writing this shade down. It looks beautiful!

  3. Great color. Checking it out @ Sephora this weekend!

  4. It's wild to hear you talk about summer winding down. At 105 and holding, neon still makes perfect sense. I'm going to keep that color in mind for later though! It looks pretty!

  5. Pretty color. It looks nice against your gold sandals. I can't wait for the weather to cool and to begin wearing all of my dark polish colors again.

  6. I'm a pink/red nails kinda gal and usually feel like in the winter my polish is too summery. This is a great shade as the weather begins changing.

    Stop by and stay a while at

  7. Love the color of your nail polish!

    My all-time favorite color is Chanel's Rouge Noir (number 18). Unfortunately Chanel nail polishes aren't as durable as OPI or Essie.

  8. Such a pretty fall color! I am starting to think fall too!:)

  9. Very pretty polish. It makes me want to go out and buy a coat that color.

  10. Reminds me of a Bobbi Brown nail polish I had 2 summers ago... very nice!

  11. perfect fall color! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing!