Wednesday, August 11, 2010

J Crew Outlet Buys, Water Bottles, and a Plate of Southern Food

Yesterday we went up to North Georgia to visit the city of Dahlonega, home to the site of the first major US gold rush in 1828, a classic old Southern downtown district, and North Georgia College & State University.

It also happens to have close proximity to a large outlet shopping venue.

After checking out the downtown and enjoying a big Southern meal served family style (you pass around the platters and bowls of food at a big table, likely with people you don't know) at The Smith House, we ventured to the outlets.

Here's what I ate (+ homemade rolls & butter and strawberry shortcake with ice cream for dessert):

And here's what I bought at the outlets:

J Crew Corduroy Eden Jacket in an eggplant color $89.50, discounted to $59.99
The body of the jacket is not lined, but the sleeves are, and these were displayed with a rolled cuff.

J Crew Printed Kelsey Ruffle Top in a purple paisley $69.50, discounted to $34.99

J Crew Merino Forever Cardigan in a pale pink $69.50, less 30% = $48.65

Pottery Barn stainless steel water bottles (aren't they pretty?!) $12.00 ea., on sale for $6.99 ea.
These are going to remind me to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Ah, welcome to my neck(ish) of the woods!

    Sounds like you had a lovely time and that food looks like some fried goodness (I hope they had some hot sauce to pass around too!)

    Was Dahlonega worth visiting?

  2. So jealous of that meal! I went to the Seattle Outlet Mall and got an adorable strapless pique dress at J.Crew. It'll be warm enough to wear it once a year in Seattle.

  3. Love, love that purple paisley! I wonder if they Crewlet at Tulalip has it--would make it worth the 2+ hour drive!

  4. You are in my neck of the woods! I live in Suwanee when I am home! I hope you enjoy GA!

  5. Love the Kelsey ruffle top...pretty colors too bad they don't carry it in the main J.Crew store. Some of the outlet items I'm liking more than what in the regular least the colors are happier!

  6. Lisa - it has a really cute downtown and I think the Smith House is worth a drive. Not fancy but sooo good. You can check them out on their website. Different times of year there are more things going on around town - it was pretty quiet when we were there. Didn't visit all the gold mine stuff but I would go again :)
    Papercourt - sounds pretty. Amazing how it is SO hot everywhere right now - except Seattle.
    Hexicon - I love the print too. Would be worth a phone call. They had 5 or 6 at the Dahlonega one.
    Gracie Beth - I LOVE Georgia. I grew up here!
    GlobeTrotter - thanks - I agree. I saw lots of cute things at the outlet. Nice quality too.
    Girly Tomboy - thanks :) I tried the velvet Eden on a few times in the regular stores last year but it never seemed quite right. For some reason the corduroy was perfect.

  7. Sparrows & Sparkles, would you be willing to post the item # from the tag so I can make sure I'm asking about the right thing? I wonder if the Crewlet would do a charge-send. I'm in Tacoma/Oly and just can't bear the thought of driving up to Marysville.

  8. Love that Kelsey top!... and now I'm hungry! :)

  9. The water bottles are amazing! I'm crazy about the coral one.

  10. Hexicon - of course! From the tag, the style number is 29431 and the color is PUM, and the receipt says PRINTED KELSEY RUFFLE TOP. I hope you can get it... that is a long drive.
    Rose - thanks! thanks for stopping by :)

  11. Nice finds! Is that the same outlet mall about an hour or an hour and a half north of atlanta? the one that has, or at least had a williams-sonoma outlet store? fun! fun! fun!

  12. Preppy Little Dress - yes up 400 from Atlanta. There is a WS and the Pottery Barn outlet is great. Restoration Hardware too :)

  13. I agree, love the purple paisley top! Also love the pale pink caridgan, i really need one of these in this color. Are you going to be doing some outfits, btw, w/ your new LOFT purchases, by any chance?? I love that yellow silk top and the charcoal cardigan you got, and the flowered top, am curious to see how you style all things you got from the LOFT....:)

  14. Hi Mrs.A! Thanks! Yes! We fly back home this weekend and I have a box of ATL goodies awaiting me (also another Nordies sale order... we've been out of town a long time!) and Debye is sending me the Autumn Yellow top she was so kind to find for me :) So I should have everything soon. I also bought the long ATL cardi in pale violet and the Cascade Floral Country Ruffle out here - such a pretty pink. :)

  15. I love that purple jacket!! What great finds, I think I need a trip to my outlet, I just dread taking three kids!

  16. Aah, you all were near my relatives! They live in Dalton, not too far away!

    That food looks AWESOME, and I want some right now. (Can you tell I am hungry?)

    Love the Outlet finds, very pretty!

  17. The Eden in corduroy. Me likey! Thanks for sharing the pics :-)