Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Shopping Recap

First off, Happy First Day of Summer (and Lilly Pulitzer's Wear Your Lilly Day)!

It doesn't feel like it at all here in the Pacific Northwest with gray, rain, and temps in the 50s and 60s, but I know Summer is in full swing many places with sunshine and meltingly hot temps. I finally got around to wearing my J Crew Ruched V Neck Dress in Abyss Blue for dinner out - but had to add black leggings and a long cardi over. Was still a little chilly.

Anyway... I fit in a little shopping over the weekend and wanted to share my finds:

I hadn't been to an Urban Outfitters in ages and found some very cute things... lots of stripes, Parisian themed tees, and fun jewelry. I ended up with this "turquoise" necklace... I am thinking about getting another one exactly the same and wearing them layered together. I love this look over a simple white tee or top.

I don't see this online - #17755737 $28.00

I also bought this lightweight knit cardi:

At LOFT's 40% off sale, I picked up a couple items I'd been looking at:


the dress is lined with another layer of the same fabric

Online, I ordered the Kendra Scott Danielle earrings in magnasite turquoise that were recently featured in People Style Watch.

A huge thank you to Megan at PIPM for posting the code DANIELLE20 for 20% off. It looks like the magazine had a 25% off offer but I'm not sure of the code/timing on that.

People Style Watch's images from Kendra Scott's website

Also, for anyone shopping for minnies, Janie and Jack is having a great sale right now and I ordered some fun flamingo themed clothes for my girls for Florida this Summer. Also some cute 4th of July for my little guy.

Last but not least, my latest Target find... these earrings, just $7.99:

the tiny beads are pearly, peachy and pink

I've already worn them with this J Crew cardi from last year (sorry, can't remember the name of the print but I love this one!)

Hope everyone is starting off a great week. We are busy getting ready for houseguests, planning travel, and dreaming of the sunshine that we're sure to see eventually!



  1. LOVE the cardigan! SO cute!
    ANd that little that's adorable!
    Can you believe these temps!
    My sister in Alabama calls me from THE POOL everyday!
    I just can't imagine A POOL DAY like we used to have all the time in the South!
    BUt I'm not complaining!
    I love these temps!
    It is soooooo HOT and HUMID in the SOUTH!
    Don't miss that one bit!
    I love layering for outfits!
    In the's all about staying cool!
    Love your finds!
    Love Urban Outfitters! xo

  2. Ohhh, I love that UO necklace! I tried on that Jacket at Loft this weekend - couldn't decide between blue and khaki. HOw are you going to wear it?? Maybe I should go back and get it!!

  3. You picked up so many great items!!! I also love that necklace it will surely be a great accesory!

  4. Oh, UO is Urban Outfitters----I get it:) Love the necklace, sooooo pretty. I would love to see how you style the necklace, I have a similar one i got at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago......Love the little jacket and dress from the Loft, too. Must go check out the jacket! I think I have seen those Target earrings, too, and had them in my hand several times, haha!!! Love all your finds, as you know, I love seeing your shopping finds:)

  5. Oh ya! Would love to see an IRL pic, if you can, of you wearing the jcrew ruched vneck dress, as I have the same one, but haven't worn it yet.....

  6. Great finds!! Especially loving the UO necklace and sweater..I might have to take a trip there really soon!

  7. That necklace is so pretty and so inexpensive. I love those earrings...I think I may have to swing over to that site!

  8. LOVE the Urban Outfitters finds!! and everything!- actually!

  9. I have got ALOT of wear out of that little sailcloth jacket! You are gonna love it! :-)

  10. Hi Teresa - thanks for stopping by! So glad you love it here! I miss my hot and humid lol! I know, hard to believe... xoxo :)
    Hi Peggy - still thinking... I tried on both colors but I have a similar long sleeved jacket in khaki. Just love the blue color... and it will look nice with khaki pants I think :)
    triciathomas - thanks!
    mrs.a - I thought about taking the pic but the leggings and cardi just didn't look quite right - was dressing for warmth! I'll hopefully wear again soon - love the dress, even with the hem issue!
    Stephanie - thanks! They do have some really cute things there right now.
    Pamela - I can't wait to get them... she has some other great styles too and lots of nice colors. I want to see these in person first for quality etc
    Jill - thanks!
    Bianca - oh good to hear!

  11. Those earrings look just like the one's I have from Kohl's in that same peachy pink color--except mine are round--I wear those earrings the MOST out of all my earrings! Luve yours!

  12. yoga girl - thank you! I think these will be very versatile too :)