Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anthropologie: sea theme sale

I've been admiring the sea-theme kitchen & dining at Anthropologie for a while and now much of it's on sale (along with lots of other new markdowns today)!

I love a few fresh accents of blue in our home which is decorated quite a bit with warm colors... and just the whimsy and general beachiness of these pieces:

Ochiba Dessert Plate (3 other patterns) $10.00 - now $3.95

Sun & Surf Dishtowel $24.00 - now $14.95

Tidal Bounty Dessert Plate (3 other patterns) $14.00 - now $7.95

Stormy Weather Sugar (Creamer also available) $16.00 - now $7.95

Melamine Sea Fan Plates (set of four) $32.00 - now $14.95

all images are Anthropologie's

Hope everyone's having a great week!



  1. I noticed that the sea theme too! Cute stuff.

  2. So many great sea theamed items! I need a kitchen makeover!

  3. Good observation!! I'm such a sucker for dishtowels!!

  4. I think I need to head over there!