Saturday, June 26, 2010

OOTD 6.26.10: Sprinkled Shells + Pink

I made up this Polyvore over a week ago and finally decided to wear it today despite the gray clouds & cool temps (my landscape looks nothing like the one in the Polyvore right now). I hadn't intended on wearing anything over the top but it's still just too chilly so I had to add something and went with an old pink J Crew cotton cardi -- I do like the color with the steely dark gray-navy blue (can that be a color?) of the top.

UntitledFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Anthropologie Sprinkled Shells top by Deletta, J Crew cardi (2-3 yrs ago), ON white denim (2-3 yrs ago), Steve Madden Vivaci in Pewter

Happy Weekend!



  1. It's freezing here too and I keep wearing summer clothes! haha That tank is really cute- it looks like one they just recently had! Everything old becomes new again the old saying goes!

  2. Peggy - I know I am so ready for summer clothes but the weather is slow in cooperating! And thanks! I did just buy the tank recently (on sale) at Anthro but everything else is older :)

  3. It's way too breezy here too, north of Seattle on the ocean...I put on my new linen Eddie Bauer tunic top and white capris and tried to sit on our deck....I promptly had to come inside...Mr. HB asked if I wanted him to build a fire in the fireplace!
    I am not amused...turn up the heat please...I feel your pain!

  4. That outfit is adorable! I love it! And you can have some of this heat and humidity we've got in Virginia. It's been blazing here! The details on that top are beautiful, lady! xo

  5. hostess - thank you :)
    Julie - thanks!

  6. I love your tank! So perfect for summer!!

  7. Love your outfit and I'll give you some of the hot air we have now in South Florida.

  8. That tank is the perfect amount of sparkle--love this outfit! I like how you paired it with a pink cardigan, nice touch:)

  9. LOVE this outfit! What is your email address? I would like to include one of your nautical outfits on my blog. My email is

  10. tricia & PLD - thank you!
    Miss Janice - I'd love it!
    mrs.a - thanks :)
    Kate - thank you! I just emailed :) Love your blog!!