Thursday, June 3, 2010

TB Bombe Burch Tote in Pop Pink

First off... sunshine! One of my kiddos has an outdoor event today that she is very excited about so I am happy for some sunbreaks!

On to the tote: the Bombe Burch... I know I still haven't reviewed the mini Tevin which arrived first, but I just had to carry this pretty pop of pink today. Actually, I'd call it more raspberry - a really beautiful hue. I was expecting more of an OPI Pink Margarita as I hadn't seen it in person before I ordered. Here are some snaps:

Inside, there are two pockets on one side that hold a phone/camera nicely and a zip pocket on the other side, with a zip closure on top; cute fabric lining.

For size reference, it's a little smaller than the Neverfull MM and Totally MM I've been carrying lately - but still roomy enough for all the essentials plus a book, magazine, or ipad. There are also four metal studs (just like the ones on the handles) on the bottom of the bag. The other side of the bag does not have a logo so you can just turn it around if you feel logo'd out!

I hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend - it's almost here!



  1. Hello There Sweet Tea in Seattle!
    I've been wondering...
    do you LOVE Sweet Tea?
    If so...I have got to send you my tea punch recipe!
    So slushy and yummy and refreshing!
    Now...about that purse!
    Love it!
    It's so much fun to carry a FUN colored purse!
    I have a BIG red purse by Big Budda (i think that's the
    that I just love to carry and get lots of comments on!
    Then I have a baby blue it too!
    I just adore your STYLE!
    And love seeing all the outfits you put together!
    Happy Day!
    Email me if you want the tea punch recipe.
    I actually featured it on the blog...I think when I featured my famous pasta salad.
    Thanks for popping over to Bainbridge!

  2. Thank you so much! I love bags in fun colors :) And, yes I do love sweet tea... I would LOVE your recipe - sounds perfect for summer :)

  3. What a cute bag! I just love the inside lining.

  4. I love that bag!!! It's the perfect color for summer!!

  5. Ps I wanted to know about the Kelly Cutrone book... I seriously LOVE her on The Hills! Is it worth reading?

  6. Looks like a great bag for summer! The color is beautiful!

    I can see on your page that you are currently reading Kelly Cutrone's book. Do you recommend it?

  7. Love, love, LOVE this bag!!!! Love the color, the style, the inside......everything. Does it match the Miller Thong's in the hot pink color? Just curious......Did you get it on sale? I am dying for this now.......:) Happy Thursday!!

  8. I adore colorful bags, and Tory Burch does no wrong in my mind.

  9. Thanks y'all!
    mrs.a - of course I got it on sale! :) This color is marked down on the TB site (black and tan are still full price), plus I ordered on the last day of the Friends & Family... made it about half price I think! :) The color is different from the Millers that I have - they are a glossy patent & brighter pink and this is more of a glazed leather and leans more toward a berry I'd say.
    triciathomas and Mona - The book is really interesting... I'm only on Chapter 6 but so far she has had quite an interesting life and I like the writing style - she's sort of offering friendly guidance to the reader re: circumstances she has encountered (many are crazy, btw!). There is something about her personality that I really like. I'm not going for the part about creating your own religion and not raising your children w/religion -- being raised in a strong Christian family and continuing that with my own -- but that's a small part, and I think she has some very good points and lots of great advice to offer. I did just finish The Help too and LOVED it. :)

  10. OOh love the bag, although I would like to see your mini tevin!

  11. I just check what the Tevin bag looks like and you lucky lady they are sold out now. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is inspiring to me. I have a 3 yr old and 1 yr old and I am very disorganized, but the fun you are having dressing so nicely (I assume your husband must appreciate very much) and trying new recipes is really refreshing and makes me what to give it a try, ya know?

  12. How fabulous! I loved this review. These bags dress up everything!

  13. Bella - thanks! Tevin review/pics are finally up!
    my-big-break - thank you for your kind comment! I know it is overwhelming. I certainly am not perfectly organized or cooking great dinners every night... and some days it is just yoga pants & tees :) These little people need a lot of time :) I do like sharing ideas/pics/recipes etc when I can though. Thanks for stopping by!
    Henley on the Horn - thanks! I love a great, colorful bag.