Monday, June 28, 2010

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings

My Danielle earrings by Austin, Texas jewelry designer Kendra Scott arrived today and I am delighted (I ordered the turquoise color). Not only are the earrings great, but I (unknowingly) donated a Hope Pendant Necklace to Dress for Success through KS's Buy One, Give One. What a great program.

I just love so many of the styles and colors on the website and could spend quite some time playing around with the color bar (be a designer and color customize jewelry online, then order).

Code DANIELLE20 works till July 5th - when you order a pair of these earrings, your entire order gets the 20% discount.

Hope everyone is starting out a great week. We have family in town and I've been cooking... so some recipe posts should be coming up in the next couple of weeks... tonight is the fabulous artichoke chicken pasta with a great spinach strawberry salad that I've made a few times and will try to post soon.



  1. Nice earrings!
    They look so beachy and summery...bring on the sun!

  2. thank you hostess - I love turquoise in the summer. Yes, now we just need the sun! :)

  3. Great earrings! I can't get the code to work, but I'm going to keep trying! They would be so cute for summer!

  4. HI! I'm excited to try your chicken artichoke dinner, but I don't have any sherry. What else could I use to boil the chicken in? Would brandy work? Thanks!

  5. Hi Lizzy! I have heard brandy or dry vermouth can sub for sherry... haven't tried it though. Also, you can substitute apple cider or apple juice - and I've even read 1 tsp vanilla for each Tbsp of sherry but that seems so different to me.
    I hope you can get the code to work - maybe contact the site? I used it for my order but I did see a comment on PIPM's blog that it wasn't working for a bit earlier but then was fixed.

  6. That is AWESOME that you get something and give a little!!! Always makes shopping for yourself feel a little better! Great earrings!