Sunday, January 15, 2012


You wouldn't believe how many pictures I have from our Summer vacation. Well, maybe you would. Pompeii has to have its own post as I'd been dreaming of seeing this place since third grade. It was breathtaking. What a tragic day in 79 AD, but what specatcular ruins left behind.

Also, hot and dusty. I saw a woman in white espadrilles and felt for her. Our shoes (and probably a lot more of us) were covered in gray dust when we left.

Here are some snaps from Pompeii, July 2011:

And of course I documented lunch afterward, right outside of the archeological site:

Up next I'll be posting some pics from:

Amalfi, Positano and Oplontis
Castellammare di Stabia + The Medusa Hotel
Rainbow Magic Land + outlet shopping
Arezzo + Badia di Pomaio


Shopping Prada at the Space outlet (this was really, really fun)



  1. I look forward to the rest of your pics and posts. We are going to Paris and Italy in June this year. We have a stop in Pompeii on our way to the coast.

  2. Wow! My dream vacation. I have told my husband for YEARS that I have to go to Pompeii, and I'd also love a month in Crete. The pizzas look delicious!

  3. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ahhhhhh! I've ALWAYS wanted to visit Pompeii! What terrific photos!!!

  5. audreybella - how wonderful! - it was just incredible
    Dishy Decorator, Rose & Muffy - thanks so much for stopping by :)