Friday, January 13, 2012

OOTD and coffee + tea {+ I forgot about Italy}

So. I know I'm not the only one who goes over lists, projects, ideas, responsibilities and plans perhaps a little too much and ends up losing sleep. I've been a little too tired or overwhelmed or just busy lately. I know we all have lots to do and I am working on my balance. Hot baths and vitamins help me, I think. As does a good night's sleep which I finally got last night. What helps you keep it all together?

Here is today's OOTD. It's just been so COLD lately. Thanks to the myfitnesspal app and getting back to eating reasonably, I am three pounds down and back in button-and-zip pants again after a lot of stretchy pants and dresses over the holidays.

Loft Lurex Fair Isle V-Neck, ON tank, ON corduroys in gray (couple years ago), Stuart Weitzman Big Buck loafers, Mulberry Bayswater in black, pashmina scarf from ages ago

also wearing pink Versace sunglasses - cold but sunny

I have a new favorite coffee:

And I'm also adding this to my list of favorite hot drinks. I'm always open to suggestions for good teas.

A long weekend ahead and a forecast of probable (possible?) snow! Looking forward to a little time at home. I've also recently been thinking about how I never finished posting travel pics from this past summer. I'm hoping to have a view of snowy trees while putting together a couple posts on the Amalfi Coast and surrounds before too long...

Happy Friday!



  1. I can't wait to see your vacation know this girl loves to travel! :)

  2. How is the Autobiography of a Wardrobe? Is it worth buying or should I borrow a copy?

    Congratulations on the 3 lbs down.

    Italy! we armchair traveler's can sit and enjoy....bring it on.

  3. Cute outfit!

  4. Diary of a Domestic Failure - I know you do :)

    hostess - it is a lovely, unique book... a woman's life story written from the point of view of her wardrobe. There are sentences I've have gone back to re-read... so interesting and insightful. I've checked it out from the library as I really like to do that with books and movies... my children go through books so quickly! So, of course I recommend library but you may find you do want to add it to your own personal library :) I'd highly recommend for anyone who is interested in the relationship of fashion and life :) And, thank you!

    Magpie Style - thanks so much :)

  5. Love the outfit. I went to the Loft today and looked for the sweater but it looked a bit too short on me for my taste. It looks better on you ;-). Good job on the 3 pounds, I should start regular exercise too!

  6. Dear Sparrows&Sparkle,
    the days after Christmas and New Year are good in giving us back our routine. I love feasts, but I love normal days, too. Today we have the very fisrt day in this 'winter' that is cold - minus 2°C; the month before my pansies still flowered on the balcony! To get rid of 1 kg too much I bought a pedometer -counting steps shows me that in winter (especially on a rainy day) I don't move that much as in summer, though I do my weight-trainings 2 - 3 times a week. Loved your outfit!

  7. The coffee has me intrigued... I'll have to go hunt for it at PCC!