Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orange Suede Shoes + Astounding Art {Positano + Oplontis}

We only spent an afternoon in Amalfi, mainly eating gelato, with a short walk in the sand, so I don't really have good pics to post, but here are some snapshots from Positano and Oplontis:

Positano is known for its dress shops and I had also heard about the places that will custom assemble sandals for you.

I had some made by Giovanni:

orange suede with gold hardware

my girls had some made also, at another shop

my kids attacking a pizza for lunch

the view

the other view

supper at Ristorante Bruno the night before

A few more pics around the town:

The Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium was filming. We just may have been extras. I don't think we'll ever know.

And Oplontis... I am so glad we decided to visit Villa Poppaea (thought to be the villa of the second wife of Emperor Nero) in this town that was an aristocratic resort area back in the day. The colors and details on the walls here are astounding. Some of the best preserved Imperial Roman frescoes - and absolutely gorgeous. Just incredible. If you visit Pompeii, I highly recommend a visit here too:

Some pics from our hotel are up next.



  1. I never heard of Oplontis, thank you for sharing. So beautiful!!

  2. Wow sandals in 5 minutes I'd buy some just to watch the process.
    Looks like an interesting and charming spot to visit.

    I hope this snow is going to melt soon...

  3. I WANT your orange suede sandals!! :o)

  4. Thanks for putting these wonderful posts together from you Amalfi Coast trip! It looks like a great place visit with kids.

    The sandals in 5 minutes is so neat, and I love the orange ones you got. :)

  5. I'm loving this Italy travel series . . . makes me miss Positano & that area desperately!

    Speaking of desperate, I might commit a desperate act to obtain those glorious orange sandals of yours. Well played.

  6. Love the TRAVEL pictures!!! Bellisimo!!!! You should put together a travel book!!!;)

  7. Thank you so much everyone for your comments & stopping by :)

  8. Will need to add Positano to my bucket list of travel! Definitely loving your orange sandals. Can't wait to see the hotel photos!

  9. I love those orange sandals. To. Die. For. Gorgeous!! XO