Friday, January 20, 2012

Danish China, Film Noir and Lavender Tea

We've been a little iced/snowed in around here lately, with most of our usual activities cancelled - including school, which means I've been out of the office - so I've had some time to think about some other things.

I've been window shopping on some Danish websites lately, as my husband is making a biking trip over there this year, and I'm sure he wants some ideas for something to bring back since I won't be going... Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl...

...which got me thinking about a pretty set of china that my mother-in-law gave me several years ago that I wanted to learn more about. I found this website: which has a wealth of information about marking and dating systems for Royal Copenhagen china and collectibles.

The pieces in my set, I learned, are from a few different years. This cup is from 1957, indicated by the little line under the "N". "E" indicates the artist (the X can be used to indicate "painted by" so this one may just have one intial, not two). The use of upper case letters indicates (with a few exceptions) painting done in 1950 or later.

We have some collectible pieces and old silver I'm looking forward to learning more about also.

So, I've caught up on my DVDs recently and one of the movies I most enjoyed was The Fallen Idol from 1948. If you like British films, film noir, old black and white movies, thrillers, suspense, or looking at pretty interiors or European balconies, I highly recommend it. The Seattle Art Museum is going to be showing it as part of their series "Shadow Street: The Best of British Film Noir" in April.

Hot tea is so soothing on these cold days. Also, when watching suspenseful movies. I recently found this one, and while I wouldn't say I have a "nervous stomach", I sometimes find myself a little anxious or stressed and I think lavender is so incredibly comforting. The combination with chamomile is lovely and it is caffeine-free and organic:

I'll be continuing on with some looking-back-at-vacation-days posts over the next couple of weeks. I haven't been wearing anything remotely interesting lately or doing any clothes or accessories shopping. Once we thaw out and start thinking about Spring (and I get my closet cleaned out and organized) I should have some more dressing and shopping related posts. I have a couple of new recipes I'm going to try too - featuring quinoa and polenta. But tonight, I think it's out for Mexican. Hasta luego and Happy Friday!



  1. i lurve me some hot tea on a cold day!

  2. If you ever make it over to the Eastside, Herban Wellness makes a bunch of herbal teas that are great. I really like the "Chill Out" tea and have been giving it to all my friends.

  3. Dishes are stunning...and as for lavender....we live it in the summer....growing, harvesting....could go for a relaxing tea today...

  4. There's something just a bit terrifying about the idea of buying china on a biking trip. Just sayin' ;)

  5. Julie - oh I know it!
    gck - I checked out the website and the place looks wonderful - thank you I hadn't heard of it.
    Nantucket Daffodil - thank you! There is a lavender festival in one of the towns out here every year... I need to check on that.
    Rachel - Ha! Didn't think of that. :)

  6. I cannot believe how much snow you all have gotten, it is insane! BTW, I would have left this comment 15 minutes earlier, but oh no, you had to link to that fab Danish website with all that lovely porcelain. (heh, heh.)

    Sending you a smile,

  7. I discovered that chamomile + lavender tea about a year ago and it remains one of my favorite teas! it is so good, and the flavor changes slightly if you use different honeys (just a little!) to sweeten it.

  8. Royal Copenhagen! So special! I would like on of their teapots and maybe a whole set. But they ARE pricey ...
    Your set looks truly royal.

    Enjoy your tea! I even brought my kettle with me for the weekend in Styria, it was perfect! I love to drink a cup of Evening-Tea (relaxing).

  9. That tea sounds delightful! I also just LOVE beautiful china!

  10. I love teapots, and I love tea parties. You have a such good taste. Have you tried Marriage Frere ?

  11. tp - interesting site, isn't it ?! :)
    c and m - great idea. I love honey - think I'll try it :)
    Paula - oh I know... I've been looking at those teapots too. I only have a tea kettle. Lots of teacups, but not one pot.
    tricia - thanks!
    Moda - thank you! :) I have not... will take a look.

  12. sparrowsandsparkles, I will let you know as soon as I've found the right teapot! This one would be nice, but it comes without a warmer:
    Also the porcellain (vitreous) is not very durable.

  13. Funny I should read this today... I just had polenta for dinner! I also cooked quinoa flakes with a few currants for my breakfast this morning. :)