Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today's Target Find {sparkly earrings}

After a long while of not really seeing anything in the Target jewelry department, I'm starting to find some things again. I recently came home with these sparklers for under $8.:

215012637 Earring Crystal/116589

All these jumbled, "pearl" and clear faceted "stone" with antique-y looking metal pieces are reminding me of things we've been seeing at places like J Crew for awhile now. Nice to see this look at such great price points.



  1. love them! And I see your super cute Anthro sweater in the picture too!

  2. A few little trinkets to brighten up this liquid sunshine :)
    Good news...we are going to be getting Target north of the border...whoo hoo...

  3. love 'em!! always love a great target find found by you! did you ever see those thinner ponte black leggings that i was talking about?? i got some of those, love them, and i also picked up a pair of denim "jeggings" by mossimo and surprisingly love them!!!

  4. So cute!!! Those are a great find!!! I actually was at Target on Sat looking around and got some sunglasses- who knew they had cute sunglasses!!

  5. Those look great!

    I also like the J. Crew direction some of the Target pieces have taken-especially in the girls department: I've gotten some really cute tops for my girls that are just like the crewcuts style with the fabric flowers at the neckline.

  6. Lovely earrings! Have a great weekend!

  7. Such cute earrings!! I miss your posts? Any cute new clothes or good outfit ideas?

  8. Love these earrings! Keep sharing the great finds! If only I was back in the USA to enjoy these bargains. Loved the shoes from Payless a few posts back, too cute!


  9. Thanks Peggy, Christina, Tricia, Mother of Style, & Rose :)
    hostess - I had heard about Target coming to Canada - fun!
    mrs.a - I'm not sure if I did - are they sort of a smoother fabric? Do you remember the colors?
    LVM - thanks so much :) -- I'm going to do some irl pics of my J Crew Factory buys soon... and I need to think of an outfit for a dinner out tonight... I'll post pics if it turns out ok :)
    thanks DrMom - am enjoying your posts too :)