Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's Target Find {Alfred Hitchcock}

Sometimes (especially with the dreary weather this time of year), I find myself in the mood for a fire, my cozy couch and a little Alfred Hitchcock suspense.

This weekend I came across this dvd set at Target - and while I don't like the idea of collecting piles of discs with all the easy ways to watch movies On Demand, on iPad, etc etc - I just couldn't pass this up for $2.00. Yes, two dollars -- less than half the price of the venti nonfat cinammon dolce latte I was holding in my other hand.

I don't see this one online, but I do see a four disc set (available only in stores) that says "20 Movie Classics" (mine has ten). The two disc set I have has an approximate runtime of 12 hours and 28 minutes and features:

The Chaney Vase, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Blackmail, Champagne (silent), The Farmer's Wife (silent), The Lady Vanishes, The Manxman (silent), Rich and Strange, Secret Agent, and The Thirty-Nine Steps.

...I also came across some sparkly and nicely-priced earrings. Review on those up next.

Hope everyone's starting out a great week.



  1. Oh I just LOVE Alfred Hitchcock!
    This would be my LIFE!
    You find the BEST deals at TARGET!

  2. Alfred Hitchcock thrillers scare me to my very core...I want to wrap myself in fur coats that I have inherited and pop a massive amounts of popcorn and butter...and cocoon.

    Our dreary PNW weather is taking a toll.....I need a Seattle shopping fix..and am planning one as I type.

    I saw a murder of crows attacking a screetchy...oooh..

  3. Dear Sparrows&Sparkle,
    I love Hitchcock's movies (except Marnie; and I didn't see The Birds). Feom the same reasons that you mention above - cold wet weather outside - I bought a huge box with Cary Grant's films (22 classic movies on 18 dvds!)- so it may rain a while :-)