Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Pewter Pom Pom {Isabel Toledo for Payless}

Happy New Year!

A little before Christmas, I noticed this shoe in the Deals & Steals section of January's InStyle (p. 76). So cute... and, wait a minute - $35 from Payless?... so I thought I'd give them a try.

I ordered online (on sale for $24.99) and was not at all disappointed when I received them. They look as good irl as they did in the magazine.

The pom is faux fur and the shoe faux leather - but doesn't look fake at all to me. The metallic crackle texture is very well done.

The shoe is a little stiffer than what I usually wear (but lately my feet are used to Ugg slippers, Ugg boots, and the occasional Tory Burch Reva). A couple of strategically placed pieces of Dr. Scholl's cushion tape, and I was good to go. I am wearing my usual 8 1/2.

I saw these are also available in black, priced at $34.99.



  1. Dear Sparrows&Sparkles,
    the shoes look great! I fear the day when I have to leave the cozy wintershoes behind me - though I look foreward to something lighter than boots...(We still have ice and snow) The Dr.Scholl-Band is not available in Germany (or I have never seen it) - will ask for it around, because very often in the beginning new shoes are very trying... Wish you a Happy New Year too! Britta

  2. Oooh, how cute!!! I wish I could be going sockless right now in some cute flats. I'm impressed with some Payless Shoes. I love the collaborations.

  3. Super cute!
    Are they comfy? I am on the neverending quest to find a perfect pair of flats... Unfortunately TB Revas just DO NOT fit me right, and aren't very comfy. Probably because I have ginormous, wide, flat feet.

  4. I think I need those flats, they are looking real comfy. And for $25?! Holy moly ...

  5. They do look cute. I love the toe details that are showing up on flats.
    As a dedicated shoe shopper I believe one can never have enough!

  6. I love these! Who would know that Payless would have such cute shoes? I live in my slippers and my Uggs clogs in the cold weather. We went to a gathering last week and I foolishly wore a pair of my Coach flats ( I was just missing them so much) my poor feet froze! I long for the Spring.:)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this cute find!!!

  8. Cute shoes! And thanks for the tip on the Dr. Scholls tape!

  9. thank you everyone for stopping by!
    Britta - the Scholls tape is great and nice that you can cut to size. I hope you can find it there.
    LegallyFab - if Revas are too narrow, I don't think you'll love these. The material is definitely stiffer than my Revas but fine w the tape. Have you looked at Bloch? The London Office Roll Up looks comfy. Or tried TB Eddies or Gap City flats?

  10. I never heard of the cushion tape. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year :-)

  11. Cute shoes!!! I totally need to check out Payless!

  12. The shoes look really cute. I need to get this Dr.Scholl cushion tape, my feet are used to sneakers and sneakers. It is hard everytime I try to wear "shoes" ;-)
    Right now I am tucking "Dr. Help" in my socks, to make the skiing boots feel more comfy.
    PS: InStyle is a great fashion magazine, imho.

  13. I saw these in InStyle but never went to see them in person! Wow how cute. They look great on you. I also just LOVE the tan Revas in the post below. What a great color!
    Loved checking in on your blog again....it's been a while

    (used to be Mushroom)

  14. ohhhh love! I might have to go try and find these!!!