Friday, January 21, 2011

J Crew Factory {40% off} {Again}

Happy Friday!

Well, J Crew has done it again... another additional 40% off sale and I haven't even received my order from the last additional 40% off. It has me wondering if they are going to continue running these promos fairly frequently or just really need to move some inventory right now...

Code is MUSTHAVE. Free shipping on orders $100+. Interestingly, my email says "shop until Sunday midnight ET", but the fine print says the offer is valid through Wednesday, January 26th 11:59 ET.

1% cash back through ebates right now.

At any rate, I'm not shopping this one, as things look pretty much the same as last weekend. I am really liking the soft blues and aquas and stripes online right now... Here's what I have due to arrive early next week... reviews to follow. (Pay no attention to those prices listed below - with the promo and free shipping the whole order came out under $120 + tax.)


  1. I saw they were doing this again! The local JCrew here is going out of business!! I am super bummed :(

  2. love your pics. also wondering if you have the tory burch flannel revas? they are on sale and i'm looking for feedback on them (comfort, etc). Thanks!

  3. Shopped it last time 40% and love all of my items--this time i cannot shop. Although, I am liking the factory "corwin" cardigan in the light blue that you have picked here......have you gotten any of their factory cardigans yet? how are they??

  4. Beth - wow, I hadn't heard of any closures... that's too bad
    Lizzy - thanks! I saw those on sale too on the TB site. Sorry, I haven't tried them or seen irl
    mrs.a - not recently... this order should arrive in the next few days and I'll be sure to post some reviews :)

  5. So many great things! I also placed an order and grabbed a few things!

  6. tricia - can't wait to see what you got :)